Fashion Flatsy Make-Over

This is Ideal's Fashion Flatsy. She is 8" tall and 1/4" thick (!). She is all vinyl with a wire armature, making her very poseable. I love these dolls as I had them when I was a kid, I prefer the kid style Flatsy to the Teen/Adult, Fashion ones, but I take what I can get :)
This girl was a mess--not surprising as I rarely buy dolls that are new or in Mint Condition--just not as much fun for me.
She is marked with Ideal's symbol, her patent #, and the year 1969.

This is Ali, the city girl. There were at least 3 other different Fashion Flatsys in this series:
Gwen, the student-Green hair, Dale, the actress, who has blue hair, and Cory, the model, with Pink hair.
This orange mini dress is her original outfit.
There are some weird things about Flatsy--her feet, although flesh-toned are shaped into high heels, the eyes are over-painted--the "white" of the eye is over-painted green giving her a bit of a zombie look, This is the same on all examples of Fashion Flatsy I have seen. When issued, she had rooted eyelashes (mine has only three lashes left on one eye).
I also think her look would benefit from a bit of lip paint as well, but the nude lip was quite "in" in the late 60's.
I washed her with hand soap and she cleaned up fast. I used Pantene conditioner on her hair and combed it. I made her a little outfit too.


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