Horseman Teenie Bopper

This is a 1969 Horseman Teenie Booper doll.  I found her in  a thrift store yesterday and could not resist that cute face! She is an 11 1/2" doll, marked on the back of her head: "34 Horseman Doll 1969".
She has rooted platinum blonde hair and painted side-glancing eyes. Her build is that of a young child, but not quite as chubby as a toddler. She is slightly bow-legged and her distinctive hands have splayed fingers. Her torso and legs are hard plastic and her head and arms are soft vinyl.

My Teenie Bopper is in pretty good condition, despite her looks. She is a little dirty and her hair is very dry and coarse.  I don't think she has any bangs left under that masking-tape head band. The most concerning thing to me is that small grease pencil mark on her forehead and I hope I can get it off completely. Her clothes are very faded and worn, but I think I can re-create this outfit, which is original.
Next Post: Teenie's Make Over.


  1. Very cute, and it's good to see you back again! Hope you can get that mark off.

    1. Thanks! I tried to get the mark off, it's much lighter now, but not completely gone.


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