Sewing for Dolls: Crissy and Velvet

I have been sewing for my Ideal girls again...first a project pattern I was working on for a while, pants sets 70's style for the big girls. I am toying with the idea of offering some of my original patterns as PDFs in the new year. I decided to sew these with batik fabric--which I have never really liked, but I found some that were so pretty and with the right amount of solid and batik together I think they look groovy. Do you name your outfits? Is that weird? I do--helps me remember what it was when I look at the paper pattern pieces--plus it is fun :)
The pants are all done with the same (slightly modified) vintage Simplicity Crissy pattern, the tops are my own design-inspired by an outfit my sisters and I had as kids which we called our "Gold-digger" outfits --lol we had no idea what that meant. Anyway here are my Gold-digger looks.
Raven in Deep Ocean--this was the first attempt at the pattern--not my fave, though I like the pocket flaps sewn into the side seams like this.

Zoey in Sunburst --loving the collar on this one.

Annabelle in Shoreline--I wanted a more beach-y summery look so left off sleeves and  gave it a nice open neck line.

Cheryl in America--the pointed collar and tie is so 70's.

Marcia in Strawberry Sunday-this is the same as the Sunburst pattern--but I set the sash into the princess seams.


  1. These are really pretty. I particularly like Zoey in Sunburst. As for selling PDF patterns, I suggest you just wait a little while and do some research because the European Union has announced that from Jan 1, 2015 they will be enforcing the charging of VAT on digital items (such as PDF patterns) based on the country of the buyer and there will be no threshold so even if you only sell one pattern to someone in an EU country you have to be registered and charge the correct VAT for their country. This may change in time as they realise the problems of this law but it might be worth waiting for a while till things are a bit clearer.

  2. Interesting-thanks for the info. I did run a small business before so know what I am getting into, would hate to limit sales to US only, but might have to with this law.

  3. Hello from Poland. Beautiful dolls and photos ^.^.
    Hugs and kisses.


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