Doll Make Over: Furga Alta Moda Simona and Susanna

I know it is the middle of March :). School (I am going "back" to school at my old-ish age to become a teacher) really had me bogged down last two months and so I missed a doll in my doll a month--- So instead of not having a doll make over (I didn't) I have done two dolls with "light" make-overs :) (I do now) get it? Me neither !

So here are two of the lovely Furga Alta Moda dolls I got a few months ago and here is the info on their "light" make-overs.


Susanna is bald--(still trying to find the best type of hair for her re-root) and her eyes were very etched--she had great lashes but no salvaging them when removing the eyes. I did replace her eyes with new ones from mimiwoo on Ebay, half round 20mm eyes fit her perfect.
I chose to give her a "looking up" gaze instead of her normal forward or side glancing eyes--I think it looks so cute on her. But this can be easily changed by warming up her head and moving them again.
 I kinda like her without eyelashes....but will probably get some for her...maybe.
Her dress is from Fashion Friends and it is amazingly awesome--though she does not fit the shoes that came with it.


I washed Simona and brushed her hair--this is an outfit I made a while back :)--that make over was so "light" it was almost invisible!! LOL-but she is not laying nekky on the sewing table anymore.
I am looking for info on how to fix her case of "little brother"--her torso is covered with pin holes--someone used her as a voodoo doll! She also has many on her face--thinking of trying heat to melt them closed...any ideas? 
You can see a few of her pin holes here--they are also on her forehead and all over her torso.



  1. I love the look up eyes. Too adorable. As for Simona, I can see the pin marks on her body, but they don't show up too bad on her face in the pics. Maybe you can make some of them 'piercings.'

  2. Hello from Spain: great outfits . Your dolls are very cute .. We keep in touch

  3. The Cherry dress is so sweet. You are very talented. Love it.


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