Doll Make Over: Disney's Ariel

For March's doll had a look in my doll bins. This is where dolls I could not resist, but do not really fit in my collection, reside at the moment. This is a Disney Princess Ariel. I purchased her from a thrift shop when I was living in Hawaii. I tried to figure out what issue she is,--but could not as of yet, can't seem to find another online that is just like her.
Not sure of the version, but this Ariel has positional wrists. She cost a dollar--which is why I could not pass her up. One additional lesson learned here, I should have taken off that sticker on her belly after I bought her--I took it off today (2 years later) and found the ink had bled through to make a permanent "$1.00" tattoo on her belly.

Her face is sparkly--I don't know if she came that way or her previous little mother gave her some make-up. She looks a little wan here, I think her eye color is much more flattering.

Here's her after photo. This is another "light" make over. I washed her up, repainted her eyes to a pretty olive and fawn color (right on top of the old paint and then sealed it), washed and brushed out her gorgeous hair--look how fluffy! I also made her an outfit. This pattern is a slightly modified Vintage Crissy pattern --Simplicity 5276.

Would love to find shoes for her--or I guess I could make some--grrrr-not my favorite craft.

This little sweetie is going up on the shelf. I really love how she turned out. I do have a couple more Disney Princesses in my collection--I have the Animator's Series Toddlers--Tiana and Tangled and I have Princess and Me Cinderella. They are all so cute --may have to drag them out of the bins and make them some clothes too--they don't need make-overs--but not putting them up  in their shiny princess satins (!) I bought them new from, in a moment of weakness, if you check often you can often find great sales.

Doll Make Over: Furga Alta Moda Simona and Susanna

I know it is the middle of March :). School (I am going "back" to school at my old-ish age to become a teacher) really had me bogged down last two months and so I missed a doll in my doll a month--- So instead of not having a doll make over (I didn't) I have done two dolls with "light" make-overs :) (I do now) get it? Me neither !

So here are two of the lovely Furga Alta Moda dolls I got a few months ago and here is the info on their "light" make-overs.


Susanna is bald--(still trying to find the best type of hair for her re-root) and her eyes were very etched--she had great lashes but no salvaging them when removing the eyes. I did replace her eyes with new ones from mimiwoo on Ebay, half round 20mm eyes fit her perfect.
I chose to give her a "looking up" gaze instead of her normal forward or side glancing eyes--I think it looks so cute on her. But this can be easily changed by warming up her head and moving them again.
 I kinda like her without eyelashes....but will probably get some for her...maybe.
Her dress is from Fashion Friends and it is amazingly awesome--though she does not fit the shoes that came with it.


I washed Simona and brushed her hair--this is an outfit I made a while back :)--that make over was so "light" it was almost invisible!! LOL-but she is not laying nekky on the sewing table anymore.
I am looking for info on how to fix her case of "little brother"--her torso is covered with pin holes--someone used her as a voodoo doll! She also has many on her face--thinking of trying heat to melt them closed...any ideas? 
You can see a few of her pin holes here--they are also on her forehead and all over her torso.