Doll Make Over: Ideal Velvet - Swanhilda

 So here is my Ideal Velvet, she had a haircut before she came to me and needed a new hairstyle. I decided to try and do dred (or is it dread?) locks. I wanted her to have a sweet sort of Boho look and I chose  pink ice, lavender, and baby blue hair. Originally I was going to re-root her in blonde and add the colors too the front and top only, then I saw the hair and it was so amazing I thought I would just do her whole head in pink with a touch of purple. I got the hair from Doctored Locks it is weaving hair, Kanekalon jumbo braid. I was expecting a coarse brittle hair, as I used some hair labeled similarly a long time ago and did not like it---but I was impressed--this stuff is soft, brush-able with a gorgeous loose kink to it--just lovely! I also use Doctored Locks tutorial videos to make my dred locks.
 Above is a close up of Velvet's scalp after I removed the hair--see the big holes? Below is after I dunked her head in near boiling water to shrink the holes-it makes a big difference in the amount of hair you use and the makes rerooting easier particularly in the part line.
 Below are in-process shots of the reroot- I like to figure out before hand where I am going to place the colors-I actually changed my mind about the blue and removed the paint with Acetone and repainted it pink. Painting also helps the scalp not show through and call attention to the hair plugs.

I changed her eyes out--this is quite a difficult job on a Velvet doll, you have to get the head very very pliable with hot water and then push them out from inside the head---but that is much easier than putting the new ones in---you just got shove them in and it is HARD to do and you risk breaking them--but eventually I got them in. You could cut the plastic socket open and put them in from inside--much easier--but hard to get them to just right that way--rubber caulking  helps hold them in if you do it that way.

I got these hand painted sleep eyes from thecrissycobbler on Ebay and she is my friend so I just told her I want some "sea green beachy-peachy" eyes--and she so gets what I mean!
I also gave her some more eyelashes and changed her brows up a bit too--she has her original lip color.

I still hope to make her an outfit before the month is out but for now I just did some thrift shopping in my doll clothes bin for anything that would suit her Boho vibe.


  1. Congratulations, she looks very sweet! I love her eye color and her overall look, the pants also look great on her :-).

  2. Aw! Thank you so much for your support! We are so glad that the tutorials have been useful! Her hair turned out amazing! The feather matches it perfectly!

  3. She has a great boho look. Her eyes and hair suit her new style and your thrift shopping outfit suits her boho vibe.

  4. She looks wonderful an 80 hHippy beauty :)

  5. Love your blog. I also love to collect dolls, especially from the thrift store. Can you share how to take apart the velvet and chrissy dolls hair in order to reroot it without ruining the mechanism that makes her hair short & long, and how to change their eyes. I have a few of these dolls and would like to give them a makeover.

    Thank you,

  6. First time to see a reroot process. Thanks for the post. This velvet turned out amazing. The feather is awesome.


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