Sewing for Dolls: Holiday Sewing for Ideal Crissy Family dolls

Here is a bit of what I have been sewing this month. Dresses for the little girls--Ideal's Velvet--these are my favorites :)

You click on any photo for BIG photos :)

A two piece set inspired by boutique children's clothes. Ideal Crissy (Cheryl) and Horseman's Pert and Pretty model.

Posing at the Christmas Pageant-- hats or crazy hair required.

One pattern for all, except the elf-y dress, just different fabric and ribbons. (L-R Zoey, Annabelle, Raven and Marcia)

This mini dress was made with the tunic pattern from vintage Simplicity Crissy doll pattern 9138 view 5, only I added a bit of length.

Zoey--she looks so good in the Party City sparkly cowboy hat!

Merry Christmas!

These crowns are from Target's kid-party section and cut down to size.

Happy New Year from me and my dolls to you and yours!!!


  1. I'm not sure about ruffle leg pants for little girls but on your dolls they are very cute. Your dresses are very pretty and christmassy too.

  2. Very cute, I have made to Mattle size dresses for Kelly as a giveway. Thank you for aspiring me to sew for my dolls.

  3. All your sweet comments mean so much to me :)

  4. Hi CJ, a happy new year (a bit late, sorry for that :-))! Gorgeous clothes, and great styling! I bought my first Crissy just a few days ago, she's on her way to Belgium, yaay!!!

    1. Awesome! I am sure she has arrived by now--do you LOVE her?!

  5. Where did those white boots come from. Talk about a line up of lovelies. I just got my patterns for the doll clothes. Yikes! Hope to sew some soon. I went back to school too. Hard to find time!

    1. I would love to see what you make! The boots with the fur are by the Crissy Cobbler she is a sweetie and very talented shoe maker--she sells on Ebay and does custom work through The other boots are 1/3 MSD boots from Ebay.


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