Pretty Dolls: My Collection- Blythe and Her Clones

I Love Blythe, who does not?
Those eyes!
That expression!
Her customizable-ness! I don't really collect dolls that I don't sew for, and Blythe is too tiny for my sewing skills, patience level and rickety sewing machine. (Maybe I will try again now that I have a new machine.)
 Still, I cannot resist Blythe. I have a few Blythes in my doll collection: 3 "real" Blythes--Kenner (Thanks Sis!), an Ashton Drake and a Takara  and 3 knock-offs-- 2 Basaaks and a Belle Girl (one Middie knock off as well).
My eye-change girls. Belle Girls' eyes do not change, she has a look that I cannot quite love, but she is interesting. Not pictured is my Ashton Drake Redhead--she is in a box dissembled--I chickened out sometime ago after I took her apart, I want to customize her--someday. I am looking for a "ducky-mouth" tutorial if anyone knows of a good one.

My Middie Clone, a poor clone in that her eyes do not change and she is as cheap as they get--plus she seems a little ..well...hoochie to me, I got her cheap in an Ebay lot with her redhead sister.

 My only custom girl is a Basaak, customized by UniqueDoll on Etsy. I love her, she has oodles of personality. Every time I see her I want to give her a reassuring pat on the head.

My dolls all are wearing clothes by Ebay store Ninabella9 which make AMAZING Blythe clothes--super high quality and they always throw in freebies. They have awesome prices and fast shipping, even from Singapore. No one paid me to say that, or asked me to say that; I just find it is very rare to get such exceptional service and wanted to pass it on.

One of my new sources of doll inspiration is to search "Blythe" on Pinterest--I could live there :). Only give it a try if you have a few hours.


  1. I think Blythes are one of those dolls you either love or hate as they have such a distinct look. You are lucky to have one of the Kenner dolls and it is interesting to see the subtle differences between her and your Takara version. I love the green hair colour of your Basaak.

    1. HI!
      My sister found the Kenner in a thrift store for $20 some years ago--with case; I NEVER have that kind of dolly-luck.

  2. Hi, I like your Blythe dolls. I don't own any myself but would love to. Your knock-off Blythes are adorable too. And yup, I'm just like you about Pinterest, can't stay for just a few minutes, it's horrible :)

    1. HI!! I just keep telling myself that my pinterest time is research...LOL


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