BFC Ink and her Vintage Cousins

So, as promised, I am back with the BFC Ink girlies and they are trying on some clothes and wigs that belong to their vintage cousins.
I am really happy that I bought these girls; I was wavering until I saw the awesome Flickr photos of them and also read about them on the dolly blog,  Never Grow Up. The blog has some awesome photos and reviews of the BFC girls (and other many other dolls). I wish her dolls could come over and have a tea party with mine :).

 This ill-framed photo features Aliesha, (sitting) and Kaitlin in some pretty standard 11/12 wigs and some little rompers I whipped up for them.
Such pretty faces, but these wigs are a bit humdrum.

Kaitlin, channeling her inner Twiggy, models Ideal Crissy's "Turned On Mini"; it fits her perfectly. You can see the somewhat asymmetrical haircut I gave her here. All the fuzz is gone, but it is still unruly. I will have to find a wig I love before I commit to cuttting it all off though.

This dress is one I made for Ideal Velvet and is a bit short for Aliesha, but very cute with tights. I made this dress using  a vintage doll clothes pattern: Simplicty Pattern 5276 and it would be quite easy to lengthen. I really went crazy on her hair with the thinning shears--it was SO bulky!! I think she still needs more thinning and her hair is still very fried.

This chair was a candle holder, there is a spike to hold the candle sticking up in the center of the seat (OUCH!), but it helps the dolls stay in place and  it is one of my favorite props.

More Kaitlyn, trying on more clothes.

Some comparisons: L-R Bella Cathie, Hasbro Aimee and BFC Aliesha.

 L-R BFC Aliesha, Ideal Crissy, Fashion Friends Patti, Ideal Velvet. I was so surprised to see that Ideal's Crissy is actually larger that BFC Ink with a thicker waist and legs; they don't feel that way in hand. I suppose that is because the BFC dolls are such a handful to get get dressed and styled because of their multi-jointed limbs--particularity my Aleisha, she is somewhat floppy, Kaitlin is easier as she does not have elbow joints, meaning she is an older issue doll.

More Kaitlyn, wearing a Blythe wig (the bangs are way too long ) and Fashion Friends Patti's outfit.

 Aliesha, this is my favorite wig on her, perfect face framing style for such a pretty face.


  1. I quite like what you have done with cutting and thinning Aliesha's hair and that dress looks very cute and modern as a top with tights. However, she looks beautiful in that last wig - almost like a different doll. And Kaitlin is really rocking that gold mini.

    1. Thank you! I think I am going to try to find another wig like that last one-it really transformed her. I think a dark brown one for Kaitlin would be perfect.


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