Some BFC INK Dolls Join the Collection

My new girls, BFC INK first issue Kaitlin and a later issue Aleisha "fresh" from Ebay
When BFC INK dolls first came out, I wanted one only because I hoped and hoped that her feet would be the same size as my Crissy dolls, so that Crissy could get some new shoes (they weren't).

 At the time these dolls seemed pricey to me, for mass market, at $49.99 for the deluxe set and even staying in the upper $30 range even when the boxes got smaller and they came with less. Then of course they disappeared like all other (the doll 99%) larger dolls that do not look like the American Girl dolls and while they did have additional outfits, they were cheap-o looking. So I just lost interest. 

Then I saw one on Flickr--(oh Flickr, you temptress), and really had a look at that super cute face.....after a brief internet search I discovered that there are multiple characters in this series, beside the first issue I had seen--and even twins! I love a  line that has a variety of personalities --sooooo collectible, I also discovered that they can be a bit hard to find and exorbitantly priced if you do find one, There are still cheap BFC Ink dolls to be had though, these girls each were less than $23.50 including shipping, each, in very nice condition with original clothes--and bonus--Kaitlyn had boots too.
The hair is bad news-same easily matted hair as the Teen Trends dolls have,bu t I gave both a haircut, when that gets old they will get wigs--I measured them at a 11/12 wig--same as Blythe so easy to find. Their heads are very very hard--would not want to re-root...well maybe...

Kaitlin and Aleisha get a spa day.

After their shampooing and freshening up, both girls had haircuts and nail painting--fun!
 Now I am working on some outfits--pleasant surprise that it seems they fit the same clothes all my 15-18" slender dolls can fit. These little ladies are actually taller than most of my other girls so will have to lengthen patterns for them, but that is easier than taking in or letting out patterns.

Coming up soon on the blog: BFC girls' new haircuts, BFC's trying on a variety of vintage dolls' clothes and looking adorable doing it, more odds and ends and bits of BFC information--including my BFC MOST WANTED list and I will also attempt to compile a list all the dolls and their issues...that will be a hard one...


  1. I did the same thing you did; I bought a B.F.C. Ink outfit hoping it would fit my Crissy. Didn't work (bummer). Have you tried these outfits on Velvet or a Velvet-sized doll? I've been curious about how that might work out.


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