Lots of Dolly Make Overs

L-R Ideal Criscket, Ideal Penny Bright, Ideal Cinnamon, Mattel Scooter, Kenner Blythe (YAH!), Mattel Skipper

 I went home on vacation and my sister and my brother both had dolls for me! I honestly have the world's best family--always on the look out for dolls! These sweet dolls had been picked up at thrift stores and yard sales--and I am thinking these sales must be better in the Midwest, for dolls anyway, than here in California--I never find stuff this awesome!

Hasbro's Aimee, Ideal Velvet and Ideal Giggles

Everyone got a bubble bath...

And a hair style

These girls were easy--already had outfits for them to wear

Made an outfit for Giggles from a vintage Simplicity pattern made for her (7971, view 4) I also found her a wig on Ebay--ain't she a sweetie? I think she is one of the cutest dolls ever made.

Stay tuned for the rest of the make overs....


  1. I was glad to see your photos of Giggles as I was talking to someone recently who said she wanted to look for one as her daughter had one which was burnt in a bushfire many years ago. Now I can identify her - she is a cutie.

    1. Giggles is the cutest thing-such a face, she can still be found for a bargain--but how sad that your friend's was in a fire!

  2. Wow, what lovely dolls to have been given by family. I find the make overs part of my collection fun. You have a great blog!

    1. Thank you Eve*Sparkle :) I am lucky to be from a collecting family --my brother collects GI Joes and Megos (boy stuff) and my sister collects toys and dolls from our childhood they always find interesting stuff.


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