Pretty Dolls: Vintage Dolls Eye Candy

L-R Fashion Friends Faith, My childhood Kerry doll--the Queen of the Dolls , Velvet "Rika" and Crissy "Annabelle"
We recently had a special visitor and many of my girls got dressed and are some photos.
L-R Lonely Lisa, Z&Z "Maisy", Furga Alta Moda Simona (platinum), Z&Z "Cherylynn", Furga Alta Moda Simona (bride), Z&Z "Karen"  (names in quotes are name I gave them)

All Ideal dolls L-R 3- Cinnamons, a Velvet, and 2 Crissys

Little Girls

More Little Ones

Two Crissys and a French Crissy by Clodrey

4 Velvets one Mia and one Fashion Friend Faith----Tragic lighting :)
Before the make overs and new shelf arrangement--some of my girls were still in their Christmas dresses!
My Shelves are actually boards that were used as packaging in a box for a crib--so--
 free and the perfect width for a doll shelf--I may paint them someday...


  1. Hello from Spain: nice collection. I like your vintage dolls. Awesome!! Keep in touch

  2. Such a lovely line up! Thank you for sharing. :)

    1. Thanks AuntLou I love dressing them up and fixing their hair--that was a fun afternoon.

  3. What a beautiful display and outfits. They all look so happy.

    1. They make me happy looking at them :)-- I had to go "dumpster diving" in my big bin of almost finished doll clothes to get them all dressed--luckily I like an eclectic look :)


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