Crissy's Foxy Dress

Here is a little set I recently made for my Ideal Crissy doll, Annabelle. I love the Foxy fabric--I will have to make something else too with it because I bought 1/2 yard--I usually only buy 1/4 yard or fat quarters of fabric because I get bored easily :)
Annabelle is a customized Ideal Crissy doll--she has had her eyes replaced with 13mm green Margon sleep eyes, Re-rooted with 2 Kanekalon pony tails--(the one with the big curl in the end) 1 and 1/3 were used for the re-oot--the rest is her grow hair tail, she also has repainted lashes and lips and a few freckles.

I always have a hard time with collars--this one turned out ok--it seems like it is so hard do for me to get them even.

Close up of her sleeve--I am trying to learn smocking embroidery--but my little pleats didn't seem close enough together so I just used a back stitch(orange) and cross stitch (green)  and a running stitch (red) to give the effect.

Her Bloomers--to create the two color bloomers, I just cut a shorts pattern in half longways and added room for the seams, they have an elastic casing waist and have applied elastic on the legs.

Tutorial :Reverse Engineering Doll Clothes- Moxie Teenz Gavin Pants

Do you want to make clothes for a doll that there are no commercial patterns for? Here is one way--I like to call it reverse engineering, this is where you take apart the original clothes and make patterns from them. In this tutorial I am making a pants pattern for Moxie Teen Gavin out of the pants from the shiny blue suit he came with.
On the left Gavin's sporty new pants on the right shiny blue pants.
Photo heavy tutorial after the jump.