Steampunk'd Crissy

Raven and Max  just got off a steam powered jet plane.
 I have been an admirer of Steampunk for ages-but never successfully attempted to make an outfit for my dolls--I did try one time--on a Monster High Frankie but it did not succeed--I think now that Frankie is just too small for me to sew anything for--I totally admire those of you who can sew for her or other tiny dolls like Blythe, Barbie or mini BJD's--bless your nimble fingers and eagle eyes :)

The goggles are made of  necklace parts and felt.
Steampunk--for anyone who never heard of it-- is basically Steam Era style clothing with a twist--it includes high tech gadgets made from components available in the steam era. Think of H.G. Well's The Time Machine--that about sums it up. Anyway the only thing that takes my outfit from Victorian to Steampunk is the goggles, because one might ask-- "Why is this Victorian girl wearing aviator goggles?" and "What is and Airplane?"

Might try this skirt again in a floral .
Simona wears it well.


  1. Steampunk is such a fun style but lots of small details as you said. Your outfit looks good and I love the goggles.

  2. I love the outfit it's so Steampunk. Your and excellent semstress? I hope that how you spell it lol.

  3. Hello. Thank you for following my blog. Now I am visiting yours to see what you have been doing. I adore Steampunk and you have made this look fabulous. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...


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