Sewing for Crissy Dolls with Simplicity 6061

My models L-R Annabelle, Mo and Marcia
 I was browsing Ebay last weekend and came across this vintage Simplicity pattern made for the Ideal Crissy dolls. I love Simplicity patterns, but I find that doll clothes patterns are disappointing. The finished project is often ill fitting and seems unfinished. This always frustrated me until a good friend pointed out to me that they were made for children's dolls (duh!) so they are generally big so they are easier to put on the doll--plus children are not fretting over serged seams. I do own all the other vintage patterns for Crissy and never realized I didn't have this one. It arrived on Friday and I have "sewed up" a few of the views. There are some great patterns here, here's is what I made.
View 5 This turned out super cute--very well fitting for both Velvet and Crissy sizes.

The dress on the left is actually taking many liberties with View 1--I ditched the flutter sleeve--don't like'em and put on a pretty puff sleeve, I made a facing for the neck,  I cut off the maxi skirt and created a back bodice so that I could have the whole bodice a different color from the skirt: the original pattern back piece  is  all one piece.        On the right  is View 2--I LOVE this pattern-- the Kimono sleeve dress--went together so fast --though I think the length is off --a bit too short for Crissy and bit too long for Velvet--I think I would add about an 1 1/2 to the bottom for the taller girls or cut it off where the ric rac is here, for Velvet. This would make a darling shorter dress or top.


  1. This looks like a pattern with good fitting clothes and good basic shapes so you can make lots of variations. I must admit I rarely read the instructions these days and prefer to use the kind of finishes I use on people's clothes.

  2. Same here, I rarely sew for children's dolls--but even if I did I like to finish all the seams.

  3. This is exactly what I'm after. trying to find but difficult, have a bid in but they are so difficult I have trouble with bidding just want to buy the same straight out, why can i not do this. I'm so very frustrated!

  4. Hi Noeline--Ebay can be frustrating--you can also get all the Crissy patterns free for download from Beth Colvin's website--just type Crissy and Beth into google search.

  5. Thanks for the tip about the length on View 2; I'm planning on making one and that's good to know. I like the colours you used!


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