Sewing for Little Sister Cinnamon with McCalls 7592

Cinnamon is the littlest Ideal Crissy family doll, she is a chubby 12 inches tall. There aren't any commercial patterns specifically for Cinnamon, to my knowledge, so whenever I see a pattern for 12" toddler dolls and I can get it cheap, I buy it.

Photo nabbed from a  google search--my camera was not cooperating
I found this pattern, a vintage McCall's Pattern 7592. This pattern says it was made especially for Tiny Tears and her many incarnations --Tiny Tears, Teeny Tiny Tears, Teeny Weenie Tiny Tears--not kidding on that last one :), anyway I think that my sister had a Tiny Tears, but I have not actually seen one in person in years.

The pattern turns out to be for bent arm dolls--I should have guessed this as it does state--"for bent leg or strait leg dolls"--what I did not realize is that all Tiny Tears dolls have bent arms-- so the few views that have a long sleeve --the sweet little coat, for example, will have to be modified for my straight-armed Cinny. After realizing this, I went for View C--now that they are all done in pretty spring colors they remind me of  Easter eggs.

This is a fairly easy pattern, though like most doll clothes patterns, it does not give any real finishing instructions but the edges; neck, arm and leg all are encased in bias tape-so if you are handy with bias tape they are fairly easy to make.

Going to try the little dress and pinafore next--I have moved to sewing for Velvet dolls for the moment--but I'll be back.