After Christmas Ornament Wreath

Is it too late to post a Christmas wreath? I was so inspired by a bunch of ornament wreaths on Pinterest that I had to give it a try--it did not turn out perfect but my daughter and I had great fun making it--she did not wander off in the middle of the project so I am pretty sure she thought it was fun too. It was as easy as it looks all we used were an old straw wreath (we had straw--foam might work too--if you don't use hot glue), a hot glue gun, old ornaments and some wood beads or similar to fill in the gaps.

Our wreath, next time we will try a little more finesse and to be a little less blobby with the hot glue!

Gorgeous wreath found on the blog 521 Lake Street I love the Santa and the Elf.

This impeccable wreath I found at Blue Velvet I love the flower shaped ornaments and I adore the color scheme.

Tonner's 10" Patsy Boutique Dresses

 I have been sewing for my Tonner Patsy. She is 10" tall and super duper cute and very fun to sew for.

All theses dresses are made with the same pattern--just different fabrics and different embellishments I wanted a really boutique--y look on these, so I went over the top--ok not over, but near the top on the embellishments. I love the way they turned out--they are up for sell on Ebay