Rapunzel Tonner's Tangled

 This is Robert Tonner's Tangled. She has been on my wishlist since before she was released--but when she was released she cost a bit more than I was willing to pay--- $189.00 (!!!!!)--I got lucky though, and recently was able to get her for less than half of that--I am so happy I get to cross her off my wish list and add her to my collection. My favorite things about her are her super cute freckles and she has the cutest nose, I think her face paint is superb as well, she is Ellowynne Wilde scale (same big head, too) so she fits in with my Ellos and my Tonner "Pop Goes Oz" dolls --in fact she and Pru could be sisters thier faces are a bit similar. She shares Ello's body except that she has flat feet.  Her hair is super long and soooooo soft.
Look at that hair!!

These are my daughter's cute shelves.

Such a pretty face.


  1. She is a very beautiful doll. Congratulations on getting one of your wishlist dolls so cheaply.

  2. Hello from Spain: Congratulations on getting your new doll. I really like this Rapunzel Tonner. She has beautiful hair. Her eyes are beautiful, keep in touch


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