Merry "Crissy-mas"

                          Happy Holidays! 
Loved this gold holiday fabric. I was playing with maxi dresses and princess seams on these new holiday dresses I made for my Ideal Crissys.

I don't know if you can see it--but I put three layers of ruffles on the side pieces of the short dress--hard to tell here because I did not use a contrasting fabric.

I love the princess seams--because I could easily add a sash to the dresses--love a sash!

All are Ideal Crissy's except the one in the center--she is an Ideal Kerry--Crissy's Irish cousin. Crissy is considered a "hair play" doll--you can probably see that I love to play with their hair. I should mention though that everyone of these has had re-rooted hair.

I love making stacked hair bows! Lots of great tutorials out there!

Close up of the princess seam and where the sash is inserted in the seam.



  1. Hello from Spain: I love this collection of dolls. They are all gorgeous. I like their clothes. Your sew very well. Merry Christmas. Keep in touch

  2. Gorgeous Christmas dresses - I love your detailing. Now I have to get my Crissy dolls out and wash and untangle their hair as your dolls' hair looks so good.

    1. Yes do it!! So much fun to spend an afternoon styling dolls :) Happy Holidays!


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