Doldroms in the Doll Room

Well I have taken a couple of jobs ("real" out of the house ones) and have not had much time to sew or play dolls lately--well for the last couple of months really--I just realized this seeing my last post here was in August! Must not let time fly so quickly by! Here are some slightly spooky sad lonely doll room photos to make me want to get in there and do something for my poor girls! One of my "part time" jobs turned full time for Sept and October and promises to end early November--fingers crossed.

I did have time to BUY these gorgeous girls I could not resist on Ebay--hey, that's what jobs are for! This is a French Clodrey Crissy- (far left)-I have always wanted one--she has Ideal Crissy's body but a decidedly younger face--odd but beautiful to me. I bought her from Tsaki's toybox on Ebay--this seller has been selling some of her amazing collection lately. The other two darlings are Zanini and Zambelli Italian "Furga clones" I got three of them from Lemieuxdollboutique on Ebay--her photos alone make me want every doll she offers! They have the same body as Furga Alta Moda girls--except the ballerina hands.

"De-box me already!"

We want clothes! We want clothes! We want clothes!

Even my sewing machine seems melancholy!

They just looked cute :)

Happy Halloweeen!


  1. Hello from Spain: Welcome to your blog again. Congratulations on your new dolls. Happy Halloween .. Keep in touch


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