Sewing Doll Clothes & Where to Find Cute Print Knits


My latest sewing projects. 
I just wanted to say a word about fabric sourcing, it is very easy to find cute prints in cottons and woven fabrics that suit doll scale sewing--finding knits--that is a whole other story, even if you go to a  fabric store the knits are few and far between and if there are even any prints-they are always too big or too bulky. My best source for cute print knits is children's clothing, I shop the sales racks in Target or any store with a kid's department and buy the largest size available in the print I like-- then cut it up to make doll clothes--these leggings are made from baby onesies. 
I know this will sound weird, but Kerry's zebra undie set are made from a pair of women's underwear--purchased brand new of course--again buy the biggest size available--this fabric came from a pack that was size 4X it had 5 pairs with two cute prints and 3 pretty solid colors and it was only $5 at Walmart, there is plenty of fabric there to make many t shirts, leggings and other doll clothes, also the underwear fabric is lighter weight that say a human T-shirt so is especially suited to sewing doll clothes. Also you can reuse the elastic too. I  recommend to buy brief style as opposed to bikini --you will get more fabric.
Happy Sewing :)


  1. Now that's a clever idea and depending on the doll size, you should get enough fabric for a couple of outfits. Yours are very cute, by the way.

  2. Hello from Spain: the bikini with zebra print in black and white is beautiful. All your dolls are very pretty with your creations. Your job is gorgeous. Keep in touch.

  3. Now aren't you just the clever little jelly bean ... thanks for sharing a wonderful idea and the results of your own ingenuity! I love the pretty lavender pieces on Ginger, they suit her colouring nicely.

  4. These are great ideas, especially using baby clothes for the leggings!


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