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Panda PJs

Raven and Annabelle  (Ideal Kerry and Crissy Reroots/Repaints)

I have been sewing up a storm! I really missed it and I finished another set of Pj's for Cinnamon and also made some "Nerdy" outfits for Crissy too--based on one of my fave TV shows--see if you can guess which one :) I am quite please with my Nintendo controller belt buckle it is just a piece of cork with a picture of the controller decoupaged on, I tried to hot glue it to the belt --but hot glue does not stick to cork--who knew? So I attached it with wire rings--hard to explain but seems very sturdy-it's not going anywhere.
These dolls are Ideal Crissy Family dolls from the 70's, they are 17.5" tall and a blast to sew for, these have been modified with reroots/repaints or new eyes by me. These are two of my favorite dolls--they are permanent staff here. The little one-she is a normal Ideal Cinnamon.
I tried to reply to comments on my last post and Blogger thinks I am not logged in even when I log in-But thanks for the lovely comments and I do plan on re-doing the giveaway--the fact is that the movers packed everything so fast even though I had set it aside-No way my hubby was going to let me make them unpack the crate to get it back. So I apologize to all entrants and I will redraw the second winner --I just have to find the prizes on this side.


  1. I still have my Crissy and Velvet dolls from the 70s, so it's fun seeing what you've done here! I'm excited about your upcoming giveaway draw--thanks for the update! :-) Jennifer

  2. Hello from Spain: fabulous creations. The doll collection is very pretty. Keep in touch.

  3. Very cute outfits. I hope I can find some great fabric by the time I get around to sewing for my dolls. They would so appreciate it.

  4. Oh! I like your dolls and your blog!

  5. Cute outfits. Love Crissy.

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