Interview with a Doll Collector #2 Angie Yohn

Interview with a Doll Collector #2 

Angie Yohn

     I met Angie Yohn through my friend Kristi (subject of my last interview), Kristi and Angie are in the same Doll Club in Washington. Kristi highly recommended I have a look at Angie's work--one look and I was truly amazed, the wigs, and the repaints and the jewelry.... and the shoes--and Oh my goodness, the photos ........

Tell us a bit about you, your collection and how/why you started collecting?

     First off, thank you for inviting me to be interviewed on your blog! I  love customizing and I love what I make, but I always feel there are so many more talented people out there in our doll community. So its so nice to be appreciated.
"Aria" a Haute Doll Exclusive Eshe.
    I live in the Seattle area of Washington state, although when my hubby was full time Air Force, we lived in Tucson,Arizona and Alamogordo, New Mexico. we moved back 2 years ago now (almost exactly) which has been amazing. All our family is here, which is important to me c: I have two younger sisters, have been married for almost 8 years (omg!) and have a million and one hobbies. My hubby is so supportive of my doll hobby, even when he doesn't understand it all. he knows to give me boundaries though, to keep me in check lol i actually have sort of turned him into a bit of a collector--he has a Tonner fashion zombie that he plans to zombify further lol
"Destiny" an Ashton Drake Gene
      I started collecting about…12 years ago. My mom managed a local gift shop at the time, and was an Ashton Drake dealer. The shop didn’t carry dolls, but I came across a huge binder of Gene Marshall doll pamphlets and information. I fell in love with her story, the era, and her look. I’d always liked dolls (Barbies, I had an American Girl doll as a kid, etc.) The first doll I bought was a redheaded Simply Gene and I got the outfit “Goodbye, New York.’ After that I was hooked. I ended up getting a few more Genes for Christmases and birthdays. Then I got married, packed all my stuff and moved away. I would dabble with my Genes, and look online in the world of dolls (Tonner, etc) but I didn’t actively collect again until about 2008 when I came across the Integrity Gene revamps. Hooked again!! My first Integrity Gene was ‘Calendar Shot’ as I was just blown away by her tan skin and that awesome hair. Then I started getting into Antoinette. Then, about a year ago, a group of local doll collectors, myself included, started a doll club and they’ve been enabling me ever since! I think since we started our club I’ve doubled my small collection thanks to them! I got my first Jamieshow (the Haute Doll Exclusive Eshe) last July, and in November, I took the plunge and bought my very first Sybarite, Colourvision Talc.
Handmade Wigs,  Mohair and Saran modeled by "Calliope" a Sybarite Talc
Which dolls do you collect?
     I collect dolls that strike my fancy. I like interesting sculpts and LOVE wigged dolls. I don’t have a lot of space (or funds) for dolls, so the ones I have are very special to me and chosen very specifically. I bought Antoinette Pure because I loved her simple color palette and winged liner. I bought the redheaded Cami because her promo picture reminded me of a Waterhouse mermaid. I bought my Eshe because I had been lusting after a Jamieshow, but none of the face appealed to me until I saw her--she is so striking, and reminds me a bit of my grandmother. When it comes to Gene, I’ve tried to find the best of the facial screenings so I have one of each character (although I of course have more than one GENE!) I also have a few monster high dolls--my (non-doll collecting) friend and I kinda fell for them together, so they’re fun and special in that respect (cause I turned her! Muahahahaa!). 

Who is the star of your collection? Who is your favorite? Who is on your wish list?
Angie's City of Hero's Avatar
     Calliope (Syb Talc) is my muse and the epic grail of my collection. I saved up for her--actually saved money lol which was so hard. (my hubby also put in the last amount so I could get her for my Christmas present last year! He’s awesome.) So not only is she my most expensive doll to date, but she just speaks to me… whenever I create something, I mostly create with her in mind. And I love her posability and expressiveness. Although it is really really hard to pick favorites. I love my Eshe, whom I call Aria, because she is much more versatile than she seems. I love Rousseau, who is my JS Angelica repaint (by Laurie Lenz, not me), because she is so unique and strong looking (and, admittedly, not for everyone!). My favorite Gene is my Simply Platinum. I am a sucker for any platinum doll, but she has that luscious long hair c: I love Merit, my Jacqueline frost doll, because Laurie Lenz repainted her lips for me, so she is unique! I also quite adore Hiraedd, whom I repainted to resemble a character I created in the MMO City of Heroes. So she is a self-portrait doll of sorts, because she has been my in-game identity for years now.
      I have a ton of dolls on my wish list. If money were no object, I would have SO MANY MORE, But my husband would kill me lol I only have 23 dolls currently, a small but manageable collection! I'm also a believer in enjoying what you have, so when I get the bug, I try to just simply ENJOY. I eventually want to add a Numina to my collection, preferably a Devon. I just adore her face and her body is so beautiful.

What kinds of customization do you do? Favorites? How did you learn them?
     Here’s the long list of customization I do: jewelry (earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings), hard-cap wigs in saran and lambs wool, enhancements and repainting, rerooting, shoemaking, and I dabble in sewing. I feel like there is something else, but I can’t think of it.
     Everything I do, I pretty much learned by doing and asking questions--on the boards (I frequent Prego and the Studio Commissary), and searching tutorials online. My doll group is also a great source of inspiration, ideas and tips! My favorite thing to do is probably making jewelry, I love sparklies, and all my girls want to have their own jewels to wear! I’ve been making jewelry in human scale for years, so to translate it down to doll scale was a no brainier and pretty easy for me. It helps that I love doing tedious things with my hands lol its cheaper than therapy.
     Repainting was a natural progression for me because I‘ve drawn for years. So it was just a matter of translating from a 2-dimensional to a 3-dimensional surface. And paint--which I still haven’t quite mastered. When I draw, I use colored pencils and it’s such a different medium. Similar process though, so it didn’t take me too long to start painting Antoinette heads for myself. I really enjoy it too. Yet, another slow, tedious hobby lol

Tell us about the wigs? I love your wigs--I have made one Mohair wig--and done many Saran reroots- but I can not even imagine how you could make such a gorgeous wig out of Saran?!!
Saran Wig by Angie on a custom Jamieshow Angelica "Rousseau"
     Thanks for the nice compliment c: Again, lots of online tutorials, trial and error. I’m still not satisfied enough with them to offer them for sale much. I think there are some fabulous wig makers out there--Michael in Hawaii, Cheryl, Laurie Lenz, Patta, Chewin, to name a few--but they are good enough for my gals! Mostly I rock the long, straight, side part wig. Nothing fancy! The lambs wool wigs are fun, but the hair SO FINE that it’s a messy process. The saran wigs I just do by layering the hair with glue onto a semi-hard cap from the nape to the top, then glue a criss-cross part to hide the ends. I’m better than when I started, and it only takes me 30mins to an hour to finish a wig now. Which is nice, cause Calliope demands a lot of wigs.

Best customizing tips?
     Just go for it!! Get a practice doll you don’t care about hurting, and just go wild! If you’re trying something for the first time, keep your expectations realistic, but stay optimistic. Patience and practice are your friends! Trust me, my first wigs look AWFUL compared to my newer ones!! Just, don’t be afraid--you never know what you’re capable of. You’ll love to be able to say, ‘yeah, I made that.’ plus, you want that doll to be something YOU like, that YOU enjoy. if you have a doll that might be more to your liking with a lipstick tweak, or have an outfit that just needs a splash of sparkly jewelry, just DO IT!

Custom Espadrilles for Sybarite--WOW!
Shoe tips?--I have to ask this because making doll shoes is the bane of my existence! I have tried to make doll shoes for many many years--with no luck:) and yours are gorgeous!
     It's so funny how you worded this lol love it. To answer your question, Tarja’s blog has been a great source of tips and tricks for shoe making. I kinda ran with my own thing, but to see someone else's process is so helpful. I end up wrapping a foot with saran to build a sculpey heel base. Once that is cooked, I make a sole and then embellish. Its another very very tedious hobby, and I don’t always do it. I’ll get a burst of inspiration and make 5-7 pairs of shoes in the course of a week, then I won’t do it again for 2 months. I’m fickle like that.
Stunning shot of Integrity Pool Pose Madra Lord
Here is Tarja’s blog for anyone interested, she's pretty amazing.

Can you give us some photo-taking tips?--(because your photos are amazing!)
     First off, thank you for the compliment!! I really enjoy taking pictures, its such a fun part of collecting. The biggest tip I can offer is to pray for sun (I live in the Seattle area lol), then take pictures in indirect sunlight. The days I get the best pictures, the sun is out, but I’ve adjusted the shades in the room so that there is no bright, direct light on my setup. No flash. Play with your camera settings. Keep your backdrops pretty simple and POSE POSE POSE! Put your doll in interesting, dynamic poses. I love pictures where the main focus is truly the doll--what they can do, their body, their realism. Also, take plenty of shots of each pose and from every angle. That way a sharp, in focus picture is assured!
Where can we find your work?
     I post on Prego as Waterfallfaerie and on the Studio Commissary as Angie. And I have an account on Flickr where I post photos of my gals and projects. I recently opened an Etsy Shop for my doll jewelry and I eventually will include shoes and wigs there as well c: Thanks Cyndy for having me at your blog c: this was fun!!
"Fireworks" Jewelry set in Angie's Etsy shop

Thank you Angie! Your work is beautiful and inspiring and I am grateful that you shared it with us, and now I must go update my doll wish list :)

All the photos on this post were taken by and are property of Angie Yohn and may not be reused without her permission.


  1. Oh! Loved this interview and the wonderful dolls. Off to follow the links. Thank you, thank you!

  2. Thank you for this interview, Angie's work is beautiful and it's great to find out about other collectors. Thank you also to Angie for being so encouraging and inspiring. I, too, am off to check out the links.

  3. Hello from Spain: a nice interview. Thank you for publishing it. Thank you for this interview, Angie's work is wonderfull. Keep in touch


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