I'm Back!

Vanna and Ginger modeling new PJ's
We are finally all settled in to our new home in Sunny California--actually compared to Very Sunny Hawaii--it's not so sunny, but we are all moved in, our new town is beautiful and I finally had a chance to sew yesterday for the first time in what seems likes months! Here's what I did, even had time to list it on Ebay! Whoohoo haven't done that in a while either. I have a couple months off before I go back to school full time in the fall so I think I am going to be doing a bit more more sewing and Ebay-ing during these months.


  1. Hello from Spain: California is like an ideal city. In the television series is fantastic. It has very good weather and sun. So jealous! Your two dolls are beautiful and the clothes they wear are ideal. I see you now have more time to sew. Keep in touch

  2. Glad you are in your new home and settling in. Your little Cinnamon dolls are adorable!

  3. Congrats on completing your move! Cute PJs on your girls! Are you going to hold part two of your giveaway? I still have it listed on my blog's sidebar, and my fingers and toes have been crossed for months! ;-) Jennifer


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