Interview With a Doll Collector- Kristi Stovin

 I met Kristi Stovin about 8 years ago via an on line doll group and we have corresponded for years on doll related topics on and off--mostly me trying to get tips on how she makes the incredible dolls shoes she makes :) (she is known as the Crissy Cobbler) about three years ago we started talking much more often and really became fast friends, Kristi even stopped by to visit me when she took a vacation in Hawaii a couple of years ago between sightseeing and cage diving with sharks (!) Kristi is someone I really admire, her work is gorgeous and inspired and She's my BFF :) So she was my obvious pick for my first "Interview With a Doll Collector" post. I want to make this a regular feature on my blog and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy showcasing talented and amazing doll collectors.
Kat, a custom Ideal Crissy by Kristi.  Look at that incredible reroot!

Q: Who was your first doll?

K:  The first dolls that I ever remember having were my older sister's hand me down Barbies. I was SO mean to them. I used to pop their heads off all of the time. A foreshadowing of me taking the girls apart to restore them? Who knows? All I know is that I see them selling now for thousands of dollars and wish that I had been kinder and gentler to them. I wish I still had them and all of those vintage original barbie outfits. *sigh* The first doll that was ever truly mine was Ideal's Movin' Groovin' Velvet. Which, I still have and was my 2nd ever re-root. Yes, I played beautician on her as a child. I believe that I have more than made up for my dolly destructive days with all of the re-roots and restorations that I have done these last 9 years. 

Claire, OOAK Ideal Crissy by Kristi. Rerooted, repainted with new custom painted sleep eyes-Gorgeous!!
Q: Your specialty is customization, what do enjoy the most about customizing dolls?
K: Hmm that is a good question. I think that I enjoy re-rooting, painting custom eye colors and installing eyes the best. I love taking something that has been damaged and making it beautiful again. As for installing the eyes into the painted eyed girls. I feel that I am correcting an injustice. Ideal should have put eyes into these girls. They have so much more life and character with real eyes. Now... if I could give them sleep eyes.. I would be in heaven. 
Q: What is the most fulfilling part of collecting for you?
K: The most fulfilling about collecting? That is a tough one as my collection frequently changes as I discover new dolls. I used to really enjoy finding the perfect original dolls. Now, when it comes to Crissy and her family I really prefer ones that have been saved. I prefer my Ellowyne original, for the most part. I think that collecting is such an emotional thing. For me, there has to be something about the doll that touches my heart. I can't explain what it is. I can see a beautiful doll and not be moved by it or want it, but I might find a quirky, fun doll and just fall in love. Not sure that answered the question, but that is the best I can do to explain how I collect what I collect or what drives me to collect.
Q: What dolls do you collect?
K: Oh my.. what dolls do I collect? Frankly.. whatever moves me. I have Crissy and her family. No Kerrys. Not sure why that girl doesn't do anything for me. She has a gorgeous face. I have Italo Cremona Corrines, Tonner Ellowyne, Evangeline, most of the witches from his Wizard of Oz series, June Planning Hestia dolls ( saw one at a doll show and was hooked) , some Pullip & Dal, I LOVE Mattel's new Monster High dolls. Lordy.. I am going to need a whole new room to hold all of them. They are quirky, cute, fun and very affordable. They have such wonderful personalities and are well made. My daughter Evelyn loves them to. Its hard to take the high ground and let her have the doll if we only find 1 of what we are looking for at a store. lol SOmetimes its hard to be a mom that loves dolls. I have some Barbies. Like the Medusa and Cher. I also have some Delilah Noir , Moxie Teens and  LIV dolls. I don't necessarily have to have ALL of a line.. just the ones that call my name.
Gennessa, an Ideal Dina, this doll normally has painted eyes, one of Kristi's (many) talents is  installing "real eyes" 
Q: What is the hardest part of customizing for you?
K:The hardest part about customizing? lol Not messing up!  Seriously.. when it comes to installing eyes.. one wrong slip of the knife and its into the trash for you. SO.. slow and steady wins the race. Also.. finding time. I have SO many ideas. I will be part way through one project when I will get an idea for another doll. I have a notebook filled with ideas so I won;t forget. Thing is, I usually get these ideas in the middle of the night so in the morning.. I am lucky if I can read was it was that I wrote down! 

Alta (Ideal Tressy)

Brandy (Ideal brandy)

Christabel (Ideal Cricket)

Lanie and Nicole (Ideal Magic Hair Crissy)
Liona, an  Ideal Cinnamon in the works

Q: Best customizing tip?
K: Best tip. NEVER say that you CAN'T do something. Chances are... you can. You just have to try. Get a beater doll and get to it. That is how I learned. Some things will come easy and some will not. The things that don't come easy.. practice. Also.. "the enemy of better". I cannot tell you how many times I have ruined a doll by fussing about the minute details too much. Leave good enough alone! Even Mattel's dolls aren't perfect.

Kristi's Website
Q: Who's on your wishlist?
K:Who is on my wish list? Hmm I would love to have a resin Evangeline some day, but at $550+.. she is going to have to wait. I would love to have a custom doll from each of my fellow doll artists. So Cyndy.. hint, hint! lol
Q: Where can we find your work online?
You can find me on eBay and iOffer (when I decide to sell something) and at I Mostly do commissions these days, but when I have some spare time I do create dolls and such to sell.  I also belong to 2 Yahoo Crissy groups. I am co-owner of ForeverCrissyandFriends with my friend, Robyn. 
Thanks Kristi!! for sharing some insight into your work and sharing some of your beautiful creations with us!


  1. This should be fun! I love the Crissy above. I used to collect Crissy family dolls a few years ago. I had Moovin' Groovin' Crissy! :o)

  2. Hello from Spain: thank you for introducing me to another doll collector. Kristi makes beautiful creations. She's a wonderful collectors. Her work is very original. I can relate to some of your answers. To buy a doll you have to feel something ... keep in touch from blog to blog.

  3. I am so impressed with Kristi`s work.I am so interested in learning how to redo doll eyes.I am new to re rooting and never have enough hair for my projects.Thank you for making information available to doll lovers Suzi


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