Project Project Runway 6

This week's runway was a fashion face off, two designers were picked to make a sports wear outfit for each of the four seasons. We doll designers had a little more leeway-we got to pick our own season. Part of the challenge is to know who your girl is and where she is going.
Here is my girl, she is graphics arts student, she has a pierced eyebrow ( try to visualize it--I am not going to pierce Fay --LOL), she is going a Summer weekend trip with her girlfriends to Las Vegas and this is one of the outfits she has brought for going out to the clubs and casinos. The halter top is navy blue and the skirt is a predominately olive colored TokiDoki print with touches of peach, pink, and brown. I Love this fabric!  From a distance it has a tropical feel but up close is more graphic-it is hard to use such a large scale of fabric on a doll this size-but I think it works here--she is a graphic designer after all :)- I always buy these fabrics because I just love them and usually I end up making PJ's for my dolls with them-because I think you can get away with big prints on PJs --I also sometimes cut out the shapes or characters and use them as applique on T shirts. This outfit would be better if I had lined the halter, but I did not want to try and turn this fabric it has a bit of a big weave to it and I knew it would fall apart in the turning-and it was the only shade of fabric I had that felt right with the print. Here are more doll fashions by the awesome PPR designers.


  1. I can totally see someone wearing that in Vegas, especially with that racy little halter.

  2. Cute! I love the print on the skirt. It totally does have a tropical flavor, while being graphic at the same time.

  3. Hello from SPAIN: I like your new creation. It's very spring. Fits very well to the model. Keep in touch

  4. Thanks everyone!!I am so glad I got to use that cute fabric at last :) it's been in my stash for awhile.


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