Project Project Runway 4 Good Taste Tastes Good

This weeks challenge on Project Project Runway was to make an outfit inspired by a gelato flavor. There is was list of flavors and I chose Madagascar Vanilla because I have lots of vanilla colored fabrics. But I had no real ideas about Madagascar.

I found a photo of Madagascar traditional dress and even though the beautiful women of Madagascar wear bright prints, I changed mine into shades of Vanilla for the challenge. I tried to drape the skirt in the shape of an ice cream cone as well to further the ice cream connection. All the photos I saw of the women of Madagascar they were also wearing head scarfs so I incorporated that too. I tried to keep it modern by putting a simple strapless top and pencil skirt underneath with just the tiniest bit of midriff showing.
Another part of the challenge was completing the outfit in 60 minutes that is why there are no finished hems on this garment! I do sew nearly everyday so I can be pretty fast when I need to be and I also used patterns I had already made some time ago for the skirt and top.
I kind of like it :) My feeling is that there is something missing and that something might be COLOR.
I think I would have been happier to make a straightforward American style Vanilla ice cream dress--then I would have put sprinkles, in the form of multi color beads, all over the top and used a darker brown color fabric on the draped part of the skirt..then she would truly look like an ice cream cone! Oh wait, maybe that would not be too tasteful....
All the Fabulous designs by the fabulous doll designers in this weeks challenge are here.


  1. So, I was right thinking it had an exotic look to it!

    1. I had to put a bit of Madagascar in with the vanilla :)

  2. Hello..Your dolls are beautiful...thank you too for calling by by blog today and for your lovely comment...Good Luck in the draw!
    Hope you have a great weekend,
    Susan x

    1. Thank you for stopping by here, Susan-your blog is so gorgeous!


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