Doll Pencil Skirt Tutorial Part I: Patterning

Welcome to my Pencil Skirt Tutorial! PART I Doll Pencil Skirt Pattern Making

This is the pencil skirt, it can be customized in many ways. 

This tutorial was done using a Moxie Teenz doll, though it will work for any doll with similar proportions to Moxie Teenz: flat stomach and somewhat to well defined hips and waist, This will probably not work well or look great on pot belly dolls like babies or toddler style dolls. The pencil skirt is very versatile, it can be embellished in many ways, it can look sporty as above with some top stitching or made longer with an added flounce to make a mermaid skirt, it also can be shortened to become a mini skirt. It can be made in many types of fabrics as well, from silks to cotton in solids or prints. It has been an essential pattern in my pattern collection.

I did this tutorial using photos so if you follow the photos you should be able to create the finished project.  This project is in two parts, Part I is Pattern and Part II will be sewing the skirt. If you should have any questions please feel free to leave a comment.
You will need: writing paper, pencil, tape, pins, scissors, ruler, paper towel and your doll.

Step 1: Lay your doll on the paper  face up. Hold the pencil straight up and down (not at a slant), and trace around the  outside of the body from waist to knee. Make a small dot between the legs as well, marking the center of the body at the crotch.

This is what you should have after Step 1. ( I switched to marker for better photos.)

Step 2: Using the ruler make a straight vertical line aligned with the center body dot you made. This piece will be the Skirt Front. This shape is actually half of the Skirt Front, we did it this way so that both sides are exactly the same when we cut it on a fold later. The vertical line here will be the Center Front once the piece is cut and opened.

Step 3: Draw lines connecting the curved, traced line, which is the Side Seam to the Center Front line you just made. For the  waist,  curve the connecting line slightly downward from the  Side Seam  to the  Center Front, for Moxie Teenz the measurements are as in the drawing, but for other dolls this of course might be different.

Step 4: This is the only tricky bit. Now we will make the Skirt Back pattern piece, this requires the tiniest bit of math.
1. Using the ruler, draw a vertical line (the center line on the skirt back in the photo) the same length as the Center Front line.
2.Next, using the ruler, draw the top horizontal line centered on the line you just drew. The length of this line is  two times the width as the waist edge on the Skirt Front plus 1/4 inch. (this extra 1/4" is so that you have will have room to make a neat closure at the back waist).
3. Next, using the ruler, draw bottom horizontal line also centered on the first line you drew, this is the hem edge. For the hem width multiply the width of the bottom of the Skirt Front front piece by 1.5.
4.  Using the ruler, connect the waist line to the hemline. Your pattern should have the shape above.
Mark your pattern pieces so when you need them again you will know what they are :).
Cut out both pieces.
*The multiples of : front waist X2 + 1/4 and front hem X 1.5 should work for any size doll with a similar body shape.

Step 4: Lay both pieces out on paper towel and pin, ensure that the Center Front of the Skirt Front is on the fold , cut them out.

You should now have One Skirt Front and two Skirt Back pieces.

Step 5: Fitting and darts.
Line up the Center Front of the paper towel Skirt front with the center front of the doll, use a bit of tape to hold it in place.

Pin the side of one Skirt Back to the side of the Skirt Front, this is your "mock up" skirt.

Fold  Skirt  Back towards doll's back, you will see there is a big gap in the fit of the waist.

Pinch the excess fabric on the Skirt Back until the fit is close to the waist, and draw a line on either side of the pinched fabric, when opened back up it should be  approximately the shape of a "V" ( I used a marker here, probably should not use a marker on paper towel). You will want to pinch as close to the center of the  Skirt Back  pattern piece as possible, this will allow you to later  sew either side of the pattern piece to the skirt front, as it will be pretty symmetrical. If the dart is far to one side you will need to mark the pattern side seam and back seam to ensure you sew it correctly.
When the dart is closed it will look like this, see how it hugs the waist now.

Remove mock up from doll, and unpin Skirt Back from Skirt Front, cut out the "V" which is the dart. See how the dart is in pretty much in the center of the Skirt Back ?

Lay the mock up paper towel Skirt Back pattern piece on top of paper pattern and trace the dart. Cut out  the dart on the paper pattern as well. Now your two pattern pieces, needed to make the pencil skirt, are ready to go.

That's It! It was pretty easy right? I should have the sewing part of the tutorial up in a day or two.


  1. Oh, this is amazing!! I'm always wary of trying to sew form fitting fashions, so I always take the easier route and use stretchy, flowing fabric! :D Thanks for sharing!

    1. I am so glad you liked it!!!!! I have more coming soon :)


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