Project Runway

I am happy that Project Runway All Stars starts tonight! This was MY idea after all--:) but in my plan Heidi, Tim, Nina and Micheal are all on board--I wonder why they went with a new host and judges? I will especially miss Tim. But I will watch. So many of my past season favorites will be on this one -I LOVE: Austin, April, Sweet P, Mondo and Kenley-and I really like Jerrell and Rami too-I will have to root for them as a group until the talent gets whittled down a bit.
I am playing along too this season-through Just Crafty Enough's Project Project Runway. This I am very excited about this because I always think about what I would have made in the challenge while watching PR and have discovered my sewing skills are a bit rusty since trying to sew for smaller than normal (for me) dolls lately-so I look at this as some practice as well.
This is totally non-competitive group project. It kind of goes like this-- watch PR, follow the challenge for a fashion doll, post in the PPR's Flickr group by the next episode's airing. FUN! Why am I just finding out about this!? From looking at the Flickr group it has been going on for awhile!
Ellowyne is so pretty and makes everything look good, lots of wig and shoe choices too.
I need to hurry up and chose a model though. I want to stick to one doll throughout. I'm thinking it needs to be a "grown up" doll who I have sewn for a bit. I'm leaning towards Ellowyne-mostly because I have a lot of Ello shoes --but all my Ellos are packed away in preparation for our upcoming move--but I am pretty sure I know what box they are in.
Ideal Crissy dolls (Kerry, here) make cute models too and are my favorite dolls to sew for.
Blythe is another option-she is not packed up and has shoe options as well-oh but my goodness --tiny tiny!--I would really love to sew for my Crissy dolls too--what to do? what to do?! I'll make it work :)
 Is any one else doing the PPR challenge?


  1. Sounds like fun ... good luck choosing a model, I'll be keeping an eye on what you get up to!

  2. Hello from Spain: I would love to know to sew clothes for my dolls. Keep in touch


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