Project Project Runway 3 Patterning for Piggy

I just finished the third challenge in Project Project Runway. This challenge is Patterning for Piggy, to make an outfit for Miss Piggy to wear to the premiere of the new Muppet Movie. I decided to go with zebra and pink, I think it suits Miss Piggy pretty well. This is sort of a coat dress with layers of tulle underneath for fullness. The construction leaves a bit to be desired, you can see this in the side view. I did not tack down the facing in the front or at the shoulders so it is a bit wonky and you can see a pin if you look very closely at the back --I need to tighten up one of the darts, but again I waited until the last minute and was trying to hurry because the light was fading and I wanted to snap a good photo before it was too late. I think Fay looks awesome in this blonde Liv wig.

As far as the real Project Runway goes--I think Rami should have won, but Micheal's dress was really pretty too, and I LOVED Mila's mod dress, my style all the way-- but maybe it was not quite right for Piggy. You can see all of the amazing looks the Project Project Runway dolly designers made for Miss Piggy right here on Flickr or here on Just Crafty Enough Blog.


  1. Love the design and fabric of the dress!

  2. Beautiful work! She looks especially stylish! :)

  3. Hello from spain, piggy is really beautiful. That hair is perfect for her. The shoes and the color of the dress are gorgeous. I love the photos. Keep in touch

  4. nice idea.. thanks for sharing..


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