My Project Project Runway Entry

You may know I am participating in Project Project Runway put on the by the bloggers at Just Crafty Enough.
I finished my first look, based on the first episode of the real Project Runway-"Fashion Cents"-the dollar store challenge. I am calling this look--"Yerout" or maybe "Yerauf". :) I had the inklings of ideas when I bought the items--a pack of whoopie cushions, party napkins and stickers, but they fell apart quickly when I realized the yellow of the napkins was too extremely bold and the blue napkins were exact likeness of those paper gowns at the doctor's office.
My model is Wilde Imagination Glinda
I made a "pleather" pieced skirt from the whoopie cushions--did you know whoopie cushions are filled with talc?--there was a lot, it was a bit messy! and I wanted to make a really full sleeved top and they are not as full as I would like and I really don't like how the jewel stickers look but I tried to take them off and the napkin started to rip. I was going to redo it-but I told myself--do not agonize over it-it is for fun-something I need to learn and practice more often-- and it was fun!!! I can't wait to watch Project Runway this evening and see what the next challenge will be! The other designers have their photos up on the PPR Flickr Group as well and WOW there is some great work there!!


  1. That skirt is AMAZING! The color-blocking is so on-trend and the colors are perfect. I also really love the shape of the blouse (the sleeves are great) and it looks very well-tailored. I'm so glad you've joined the "competition."

  2. Thanks you! That whoopie cushion help up to the sewing machine much better than I expected! I am so glad I found PPR!-it has been very fun I am looking forward to the next challenge!

  3. Hi from Spain, you did very good buys. The clothes you sew very well. The model is very fashionable with the mix of strong colors. I love it. I am pleasantly surprised. Congratulations and keep in touch


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