Gavin #2 Update Bodhi

Bodhi--not quite finished in his not quite finished board shorts
I have been finding a few minutes here and there to work on my second Moxie Teen Gavin redo, Bodhii, the surfer boy. He is almost done.
Left to do: Outfit--swim trunks and tank top, I will try to make sandals too. Modify his hand (s) to make the "shaka" sign--not sure how to go about that but I think it will require some boiling water, rubber bands and possibly rubber cement. I also want to tan him more and do a bit more wig styling.
I decided to make him a wig because the reroot  was going poorly--I know a mohair reroot is possible and can be absolutely stunning like this one on the Puchi Collective (this Blythe site has some crazy good tutorials and free patterns too) Making a wig was so much easier than I anticipated though and I think it turned out quite good for a first try.
For his paint I did some "bronzer" all over and a bit of sunburn with chalks and I gave his eyes a little shadowing and darkened his lashes, I also defined his mouth a little more--I wanted him to look sweet and happy, I also painted his eyebrows.
Wig almost complete-- before paint and tanning, and definitely before hair styling

I made the wig cap from plaster cloth, I did two coats on top of a layer of masking tape, next time I will only do one coat and skip the tape, it is a bit thick but very sturdy.


  1. Can't wait to see the new and improved Bodhi!

  2. Hi from Spain, I am looking forward to seeing how you left the boy Moxie. I could not do it seems very difficult. Keep in touch

  3. He is almost done :) Hopefully I can get him into a proper photo shoot soon.

  4. how did you make a wig cap? that is so cool!

    1. Thanks! I used plaster cloth --you can find it in craft stores--it is also used for making casts (like for broken arms), this doll was bald and I just wet strips of the cloth and made the wig cap right on his head. Check back here in a few weeks--I am thinking about making a tutorial because I want to make another wig anyway :)


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