Chinese New Year-Year of the Dragon

I got one good photo at the parade!

Ox says she was born in the Year of the Kitty

We found this great 6 ft pendant with all the Chinese zodiac animals at one of the booths.

Today is the beginning of the Chinese new year--This is the Year of the Dragon. To celebrate we went down to Chinatown in Waikiki to see the Dragon Parade. It was very crowded and I only got one or two really good photos-I do have tons of photos of the side of peoples heads :). There was live music and martial arts demonstrations, awesome foods--Andagi-dogs, crispy gau gee  and my favorite Taro cakes and we had bubble tea in the International Market it was a lot of fun. My dolls had their own celebration today, complete with a little dragon parade as well.


  1. Sounds like fun! I enjoyed your photos, especially of the dolls' celebration. Too cute!

  2. Thanks Bama! It was fun except that they kept falling down every time I tried to take their photos--think they celebrated a bit too much :)

  3. What wonderful dragon pictures, especially your dolls' parade! I love those Chinese zodiac animals.

  4. Hello from spain, your recreation of the Dragon year holiday was very good. The Liv is very pretty. Very good photos. Keep in touch