"Bodhi" Moxie Teenz Gavin Redo

I finally put the finishing touches on Bodhi, my second Moxie Teenz Gavin redo. I like how he turned out. Since my last update I finished this doll by making him some  jewelry; a necklace and bracelet and some slippers. I made his hand into the "shaka" sign by first cutting his little finger away from his other fingers and then dipping his hand in boiling water, then I bent the three middle fingers down and secured them with a hair elastic. I left the elastic on for three days and when I removed it his fingers were bent--hopefully to stay. He has also been tanned--with chalks-it is hard to see in the photos but he is darker than he was with a little sunburn on his shoulders too-but not as tan as Melrose. Looking forward to starting my next Gavin, whose name will be Caleb.
Bodhi and Melrose (Melrose is wearing Little Mismatched clothes and Monster High Shoes)


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