Project Project Runway 3 Patterning for Piggy

I just finished the third challenge in Project Project Runway. This challenge is Patterning for Piggy, to make an outfit for Miss Piggy to wear to the premiere of the new Muppet Movie. I decided to go with zebra and pink, I think it suits Miss Piggy pretty well. This is sort of a coat dress with layers of tulle underneath for fullness. The construction leaves a bit to be desired, you can see this in the side view. I did not tack down the facing in the front or at the shoulders so it is a bit wonky and you can see a pin if you look very closely at the back --I need to tighten up one of the darts, but again I waited until the last minute and was trying to hurry because the light was fading and I wanted to snap a good photo before it was too late. I think Fay looks awesome in this blonde Liv wig.

As far as the real Project Runway goes--I think Rami should have won, but Micheal's dress was really pretty too, and I LOVED Mila's mod dress, my style all the way-- but maybe it was not quite right for Piggy. You can see all of the amazing looks the Project Project Runway dolly designers made for Miss Piggy right here on Flickr or here on Just Crafty Enough Blog.

Chinese New Year-Year of the Dragon

I got one good photo at the parade!

Ox says she was born in the Year of the Kitty

We found this great 6 ft pendant with all the Chinese zodiac animals at one of the booths.

Today is the beginning of the Chinese new year--This is the Year of the Dragon. To celebrate we went down to Chinatown in Waikiki to see the Dragon Parade. It was very crowded and I only got one or two really good photos-I do have tons of photos of the side of peoples heads :). There was live music and martial arts demonstrations, awesome foods--Andagi-dogs, crispy gau gee  and my favorite Taro cakes and we had bubble tea in the International Market it was a lot of fun. My dolls had their own celebration today, complete with a little dragon parade as well.

"Bodhi" Moxie Teenz Gavin Redo

I finally put the finishing touches on Bodhi, my second Moxie Teenz Gavin redo. I like how he turned out. Since my last update I finished this doll by making him some  jewelry; a necklace and bracelet and some slippers. I made his hand into the "shaka" sign by first cutting his little finger away from his other fingers and then dipping his hand in boiling water, then I bent the three middle fingers down and secured them with a hair elastic. I left the elastic on for three days and when I removed it his fingers were bent--hopefully to stay. He has also been tanned--with chalks-it is hard to see in the photos but he is darker than he was with a little sunburn on his shoulders too-but not as tan as Melrose. Looking forward to starting my next Gavin, whose name will be Caleb.
Bodhi and Melrose (Melrose is wearing Little Mismatched clothes and Monster High Shoes)

PPR2 Night at the Opera

I finished my second Project Project Runway challenge. This weeks challenge was an opera gown! I have never made anything like this and my mind immediately went to my stash of silks, satins and sateens in the big box of misfit fabrics--too beautiful (and inexpensive) not to buy, no ideas what to do with them.
Beautiful Misfit Fabrics
I chose a few fabrics and played around with the colors and this is what I came up with. I wanted simple but with pretty fabrics and I went with the charcoal matte sateen for the bodice and the same material in navy for the full skirt--I was going to line it in tulle but it had plenty of body on it's own after I gathered it. I didn't do too much tailoring just some darts under the bust --I was going for a high empire waist but I am happy with it even though the waist is lower than I wanted. I originally made a bow out of the silky grey and black print (must find a use for this fabric!) but it just didn't go too well so I went with a narrow, red, satin ribbon--and I thought of Kara while I tied it. That is Kara Janx from PR-she got a lot of flack from the judges for her ribbon.   I just wanted simple but rich, I think I came close. You must check out the stunning fashion offerings this week by the challengers over on the PPR Flickr group. They are amazing!

My Project Project Runway Entry

You may know I am participating in Project Project Runway put on the by the bloggers at Just Crafty Enough.
I finished my first look, based on the first episode of the real Project Runway-"Fashion Cents"-the dollar store challenge. I am calling this look--"Yerout" or maybe "Yerauf". :) I had the inklings of ideas when I bought the items--a pack of whoopie cushions, party napkins and stickers, but they fell apart quickly when I realized the yellow of the napkins was too extremely bold and the blue napkins were exact likeness of those paper gowns at the doctor's office.
My model is Wilde Imagination Glinda
I made a "pleather" pieced skirt from the whoopie cushions--did you know whoopie cushions are filled with talc?--there was a lot, it was a bit messy! and I wanted to make a really full sleeved top and they are not as full as I would like and I really don't like how the jewel stickers look but I tried to take them off and the napkin started to rip. I was going to redo it-but I told myself--do not agonize over it-it is for fun-something I need to learn and practice more often-- and it was fun!!! I can't wait to watch Project Runway this evening and see what the next challenge will be! The other designers have their photos up on the PPR Flickr Group as well and WOW there is some great work there!!

Gavin #2 Update Bodhi

Bodhi--not quite finished in his not quite finished board shorts
I have been finding a few minutes here and there to work on my second Moxie Teen Gavin redo, Bodhii, the surfer boy. He is almost done.
Left to do: Outfit--swim trunks and tank top, I will try to make sandals too. Modify his hand (s) to make the "shaka" sign--not sure how to go about that but I think it will require some boiling water, rubber bands and possibly rubber cement. I also want to tan him more and do a bit more wig styling.
I decided to make him a wig because the reroot  was going poorly--I know a mohair reroot is possible and can be absolutely stunning like this one on the Puchi Collective (this Blythe site has some crazy good tutorials and free patterns too) Making a wig was so much easier than I anticipated though and I think it turned out quite good for a first try.
For his paint I did some "bronzer" all over and a bit of sunburn with chalks and I gave his eyes a little shadowing and darkened his lashes, I also defined his mouth a little more--I wanted him to look sweet and happy, I also painted his eyebrows.
Wig almost complete-- before paint and tanning, and definitely before hair styling

I made the wig cap from plaster cloth, I did two coats on top of a layer of masking tape, next time I will only do one coat and skip the tape, it is a bit thick but very sturdy.

Project Runway

I am happy that Project Runway All Stars starts tonight! This was MY idea after all--:) but in my plan Heidi, Tim, Nina and Micheal are all on board--I wonder why they went with a new host and judges? I will especially miss Tim. But I will watch. So many of my past season favorites will be on this one -I LOVE: Austin, April, Sweet P, Mondo and Kenley-and I really like Jerrell and Rami too-I will have to root for them as a group until the talent gets whittled down a bit.
I am playing along too this season-through Just Crafty Enough's Project Project Runway. This I am very excited about this because I always think about what I would have made in the challenge while watching PR and have discovered my sewing skills are a bit rusty since trying to sew for smaller than normal (for me) dolls lately-so I look at this as some practice as well.
This is totally non-competitive group project. It kind of goes like this-- watch PR, follow the challenge for a fashion doll, post in the PPR's Flickr group by the next episode's airing. FUN! Why am I just finding out about this!? From looking at the Flickr group it has been going on for awhile!
Ellowyne is so pretty and makes everything look good, lots of wig and shoe choices too.
I need to hurry up and chose a model though. I want to stick to one doll throughout. I'm thinking it needs to be a "grown up" doll who I have sewn for a bit. I'm leaning towards Ellowyne-mostly because I have a lot of Ello shoes --but all my Ellos are packed away in preparation for our upcoming move--but I am pretty sure I know what box they are in.
Ideal Crissy dolls (Kerry, here) make cute models too and are my favorite dolls to sew for.
Blythe is another option-she is not packed up and has shoe options as well-oh but my goodness --tiny tiny!--I would really love to sew for my Crissy dolls too--what to do? what to do?! I'll make it work :)
 Is any one else doing the PPR challenge?