Merry "Crissy-mas"

                          Happy Holidays! 
Loved this gold holiday fabric. I was playing with maxi dresses and princess seams on these new holiday dresses I made for my Ideal Crissys.

I don't know if you can see it--but I put three layers of ruffles on the side pieces of the short dress--hard to tell here because I did not use a contrasting fabric.

I love the princess seams--because I could easily add a sash to the dresses--love a sash!

All are Ideal Crissy's except the one in the center--she is an Ideal Kerry--Crissy's Irish cousin. Crissy is considered a "hair play" doll--you can probably see that I love to play with their hair. I should mention though that everyone of these has had re-rooted hair.

I love making stacked hair bows! Lots of great tutorials out there!

Close up of the princess seam and where the sash is inserted in the seam.


Rapunzel Tonner's Tangled

 This is Robert Tonner's Tangled. She has been on my wishlist since before she was released--but when she was released she cost a bit more than I was willing to pay--- $189.00 (!!!!!)--I got lucky though, and recently was able to get her for less than half of that--I am so happy I get to cross her off my wish list and add her to my collection. My favorite things about her are her super cute freckles and she has the cutest nose, I think her face paint is superb as well, she is Ellowynne Wilde scale (same big head, too) so she fits in with my Ellos and my Tonner "Pop Goes Oz" dolls --in fact she and Pru could be sisters thier faces are a bit similar. She shares Ello's body except that she has flat feet.  Her hair is super long and soooooo soft.
Look at that hair!!

These are my daughter's cute shelves.

Such a pretty face.

Doldroms in the Doll Room

Well I have taken a couple of jobs ("real" out of the house ones) and have not had much time to sew or play dolls lately--well for the last couple of months really--I just realized this seeing my last post here was in August! Must not let time fly so quickly by! Here are some slightly spooky sad lonely doll room photos to make me want to get in there and do something for my poor girls! One of my "part time" jobs turned full time for Sept and October and promises to end early November--fingers crossed.

I did have time to BUY these gorgeous girls I could not resist on Ebay--hey, that's what jobs are for! This is a French Clodrey Crissy- (far left)-I have always wanted one--she has Ideal Crissy's body but a decidedly younger face--odd but beautiful to me. I bought her from Tsaki's toybox on Ebay--this seller has been selling some of her amazing collection lately. The other two darlings are Zanini and Zambelli Italian "Furga clones" I got three of them from Lemieuxdollboutique on Ebay--her photos alone make me want every doll she offers! They have the same body as Furga Alta Moda girls--except the ballerina hands.

"De-box me already!"

We want clothes! We want clothes! We want clothes!

Even my sewing machine seems melancholy!

They just looked cute :)

Happy Halloweeen!

Simona's Secret

I finally dug my Furga Alta Moda, S Girl, Simona out of storage and cleaned her up. I discovered she had a little secret...her hair is glued to her forehead! Her rooting starts way up on the crown of her head and so I assume that this was to keep her from looking--well like she does in the photos just below. I don't like it though and I am trying to remove it.
The last of Simona's iconic eyelashes came off during her scrubbing up, no big loss though, she only had a few.

Poor thing! The glue is very hard to remove!

I made her an outfit!
..and shoes!

Another outfit...
My favorite...

and more shoes
I made the shoes semi-using the instructions from an American Girl Butterick pattern, though I had to draw my own pattern pieces to fit Simona.
I think it would be possible to shrink the AG pattern in a copier too, Simona has wide flat feet, just not as big as AG.

Replaced her eyelashes with partial falsies purchased at Wal Mart, though they are not her original outrageous floss lashes I think they look pretty good.

Ideal Velvet fits the same sized clothes, but has smaller feet than Alta Moda
(L-R Johnnie, Wren and Mo)

I made the shoes semi-using the instructions from an American Girl Butterick pattern, though I had to draw my own pattern pieces to fit Simona.

My Foray into Home Dec on a Budget

For my daughters birthday a few weeks ago she had asked for a room make-over. Her room had become a little hodge podge, too pink and a bit too young for her. We did this project on a budget of about $ 250 and that was mostly the bedding so I think we did pretty well. Not including the new LCD TV her Dad gave her. I wish I had taken a before photo of the room! Important thing is she loved how it turned out and it is much neater and more organized and still has all the old things she loved and could not part with and has a bit more grown up and cohesive look now. 
Great Goodwill find and as a coincidence we bought it on the customer appreciation day for 1/2 off--total $30! I loved the height and as well as providing extra storage it provides a great gaming area. I sanded and painted it.

My "helpers" Yes.....the one on the right thinks he's a supermodel :)

I needed blue art work to replace the former pink ones--cut up an old poster and a map I had around--will replace these later with some prints from Etsy. Curtains--Ross $6 for two packs of sheers and $12 for the silk panels--may have to go get another set for more fullness.

She wanted the whole room painted--but we rent, so we decided on an easy to cover stripe of paint instead

We painted the dresser with Behr "Mermaid Treasure" satin paint It turned out so much better than I thought it  would!

The "headboard" is a metal trellis from home depot  $24  (I chose it because the arrows on top are a nod to Katniss)  the shelves and brackets about $30

Doll Kimono Dresses

Custom Ideal  Mia aka Wren

Custom Ideal Velvet aka Johnnie
This is a pattern I have been working on for awhile--never could get it to turn out right before but some kind of luck was with me and when I completed these dresses--you never really know if a pattern really worked perfectly until then--they were perfect --the back is all lined up, no pulling, no extra tailoring needed--So I count this new pattern as my sewing skill "leveling up" as my video game loving kids would say.

Sewing Doll Clothes & Where to Find Cute Print Knits


My latest sewing projects. 
I just wanted to say a word about fabric sourcing, it is very easy to find cute prints in cottons and woven fabrics that suit doll scale sewing--finding knits--that is a whole other story, even if you go to a  fabric store the knits are few and far between and if there are even any prints-they are always too big or too bulky. My best source for cute print knits is children's clothing, I shop the sales racks in Target or any store with a kid's department and buy the largest size available in the print I like-- then cut it up to make doll clothes--these leggings are made from baby onesies. 
I know this will sound weird, but Kerry's zebra undie set are made from a pair of women's underwear--purchased brand new of course--again buy the biggest size available--this fabric came from a pack that was size 4X it had 5 pairs with two cute prints and 3 pretty solid colors and it was only $5 at Walmart, there is plenty of fabric there to make many t shirts, leggings and other doll clothes, also the underwear fabric is lighter weight that say a human T-shirt so is especially suited to sewing doll clothes. Also you can reuse the elastic too. I  recommend to buy brief style as opposed to bikini --you will get more fabric.
Happy Sewing :)

Bowtique outfits for Crissy dolls

L-R Velvet, Crissy and Cinnamon by Ideal
Vanna (Cinnamon)
Johnnie (Velvet)
I have been sewing again, I made some outfits inspired by the boutique children's wear I see on Etsy and Ebay--I love that stuff! It is so over the top and full of fun. I love the hair bows too--which are a quintessential part of the boutique look, which is why I am calling these outfits "Bowtique" I am definitely going to make more in this style.
My lovely daughter at Halloween wearing the pony-fall I used to re-root Crissy
The tallest blonde doll is one that I re-rooted last week with the hair from one of those clip in pony tails--one I actually bought my daughter to wear last Halloween  - I love the way it turned out. I have yet to name this girl--but I am thinking Cheryl-she reminds me a bit of Cheryl Ladd. The tutorial for the ruched bias tape on the front of Crissy's dress is super easy to follow and makes a really beautiful embellishment I found it on Rose Rushbrooke dot com.

Cheryl? (Crissy)
  I also found one of the best tutorials since I started making doll clothes. How to make the perfect tiny bow. like the little pink ones on Velvet's top) I never put bows on my doll clothes before because they always turned out lopsided or lumpy or just plain ugly, but these tutorial make it so easy--you can see I have many bows on these outfits. There are tons of these tutorials --I found these two really easy to use:
Sam and Hailey Designs-- scroll down --it is tutorial#2, she has a great tiny pom pom Tutorial too. Here is a YouTube video on how to make the tiny bows by Pinkscrapper99.

Interview with a Doll Collector #2 Angie Yohn

Interview with a Doll Collector #2 

Angie Yohn

     I met Angie Yohn through my friend Kristi (subject of my last interview), Kristi and Angie are in the same Doll Club in Washington. Kristi highly recommended I have a look at Angie's work--one look and I was truly amazed, the wigs, and the repaints and the jewelry.... and the shoes--and Oh my goodness, the photos ........

More sewing for Ideal dolls

Panda PJs

Raven and Annabelle  (Ideal Kerry and Crissy Reroots/Repaints)

I have been sewing up a storm! I really missed it and I finished another set of Pj's for Cinnamon and also made some "Nerdy" outfits for Crissy too--based on one of my fave TV shows--see if you can guess which one :) I am quite please with my Nintendo controller belt buckle it is just a piece of cork with a picture of the controller decoupaged on, I tried to hot glue it to the belt --but hot glue does not stick to cork--who knew? So I attached it with wire rings--hard to explain but seems very sturdy-it's not going anywhere.
These dolls are Ideal Crissy Family dolls from the 70's, they are 17.5" tall and a blast to sew for, these have been modified with reroots/repaints or new eyes by me. These are two of my favorite dolls--they are permanent staff here. The little one-she is a normal Ideal Cinnamon.
I tried to reply to comments on my last post and Blogger thinks I am not logged in even when I log in-But thanks for the lovely comments and I do plan on re-doing the giveaway--the fact is that the movers packed everything so fast even though I had set it aside-No way my hubby was going to let me make them unpack the crate to get it back. So I apologize to all entrants and I will redraw the second winner --I just have to find the prizes on this side.

I'm Back!

Vanna and Ginger modeling new PJ's
We are finally all settled in to our new home in Sunny California--actually compared to Very Sunny Hawaii--it's not so sunny, but we are all moved in, our new town is beautiful and I finally had a chance to sew yesterday for the first time in what seems likes months! Here's what I did, even had time to list it on Ebay! Whoohoo haven't done that in a while either. I have a couple months off before I go back to school full time in the fall so I think I am going to be doing a bit more more sewing and Ebay-ing during these months.