Steampunk Frankie and Beach Boy Gavin

Yes, Yes I did fall down a well. Well not really, but no matter I am back on track now. I have been working on my friend's Steampunk outfit and also on my next Gavin and here is a bit of update on both.
As far as Frankie's costume goes well she has been sort of a difficult subject, she is tiny for one thing and has a bit of scoliosis so she is hard to get a fit just right, I am a self taught seamstress and it takes me a while sometimes to adapt to new figures but I am still working on it here is a preview on my own Frankie--it took on a life of its own and strayed very far from the original drawing but I think it is starting to look pretty good. Ignore all the little threads--it has a few hours left in production... I have been dying to use this bird print sheer fabric since I bought it a year ago too, I think it suits both Frankie and the Steampunk theme pretty well.

As far as Gavin goes, (he is going to be a surfer boy and will be named Bohdi) he has been de-haired and I changed his eyes to light gold, here he is with his re-rooting hair, this is my first attempt re-rooting with mohair--it is so gorgeous and soft, he only has two plugs in so far. I have no idea what I am doing but it may work out.


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