Ai Gloxinia

Christmas was lovely and quiet at our house and brought a few new additions to my doll collection (Thank you, Honey! ). This is Ai doll Gloxinia  by Groove toys (formerly Jun Planning), she is 12.5 cm tall. Groove is the same company that markets J doll and the Pullip line. Gloxinia arrived packaged in a very sturdy, white, embossed, book-style box, with compartments for all of the outfit accessories and a small box of flesh colored eye putty.  There are 3 different face styles for the Ai dolls and each doll represents a flower, in this case a Gloxinia and I can see the resemblance, especially in her dress. She seems to be the only one with this face style currently available.

I adore her. I have been wanting a tiny BJD for sometime and have been looking. I have been a bit picky in choosing one that has the right combination of cute face and not too clunky body--that I can afford and is available, which I have found to be a tall order in the world of tinies. Ai dolls are "big-splurge affordable" for me-- for the current line.  Glox appeals to me for all these reasons-I love her cute little face and her red hair-her tiny little body is perfectly proportioned. I am not in love with her outfit, it is super well made and intricate, but not my style really. I can imagine her in a simple little floral dress and a sweater and once I get there on the "To Do" queue she will have it. What a cutie!


  1. She is just darling! I hope you have lots of fun with her. :o)

  2. Thank you guys! I am having so much fun with her I have probably already taken a billion photos of her :)

  3. Hello from Spain: I already saw that you were in my blog. Your work is very interesting. I saw that you have an ample collection of dolls. Your Monster High Frankie is very pretty. Also I saw your LIV that I like much. If you want we followed in contact of blog blog.

  4. What a super cute doll! I can't believe how expensive it is though.... for that price, it better be able to wash the dishes lol

  5. Hola Marta-- Me encanta mirar las fotos de sus Barbies :)

    LOL Cheryl, I know super pricey--she was a gift, and she does not do windows either!


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