Ceramics 101...well actually ART105B

I took a ceramics class a couple of semesters ago and I thought I would share my favorite project--this is really one of two that turned out OK, the last two projects. I really did not get the hang of hand building until the end of the semester and these were sort of free-builds--we could chose what ever we wanted--I tend to work better that way. I decided not to finish this with any glaze, the glazes in the classroom were very unpredictable and more often than not, no matter the color, they turned out a very bad shade of brown.

 This is my interpretation of an ancient Cypriot double spout ritual jug. I was so intrigued by the original--dated from 2100 BC, with all of it's little doll like figures. I added a few different figures to mine...
The ancient traveler, talking on a cell phone :) and
my kids playing ball with my poodles :) It's a keeper. Some of the other projects I made are sitting in the Goodwill down the street... maybe someone will need them for target practice or a brown mosaic...


  1. This is a really interesting piece! Such intricate work! :)


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