A Bit Gavin Update a Bit Sightseeing

Pretty sails against a sun-washed blue sky. Packing lightly equals no telephoto lens handy!
This pretty peace sign was on the Beach at Camp Erdman when we got there.
Louis Vuitton Window at Ala Moana Center

I have been working on Gavin--I removed his eyebrows (again--I smudged them--always in a hurry (0: ). I also did the flocking--I ended up using a mixture of the flocking I had on hand --and the color turned out exactly how I wanted it YaY!. I have been out and about on our beautiful island this week as my sister is visiting from the mainland and despite the APEC conference and the partially rainy weather we have done a lot. Gavin's second coat of flocking is drying now and I even found time to make him a new outfit so I will have a photo update very soon--right after I redo his eyebrows.


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