Project Gavin Update

I finished re-rooting Gavin and now I am working on getting his hair styled into the final shape I want. It is turning out well--except that I smudged his eyebrow a bit. That can be fixed easily though with a little nail polish remover and a touch up with paint. I like working with acrylic paint because it is so easy to re-do--I don't usually seal the paint until the whole project is done, this way if I decide to go another way with his personality (eyebrows=personality to me) I can still make changes. I still need to cut his hair a bit shorter-still too tall--but it has to be slow going at this point because I don't want to cut too much off. I have also been working on the texture--hot water, gel and hair dryer to try and rough it it up a bit and to get it to form that faux hawk look. the part that is not rerooted is going to be flocked--including his side burns-I am now trying to mix just the right color of flocking--I noticed my favorite doll hair website has new flocking colors so I may just get a matching color already made--I can always work on an outfit for him while waiting for the flocking to arrive. Here is a photo of my Moxie Boy Owen, he has a cute old-fashioned Ken totally flocked hair style--I love it! I just noticed there is a bit of Moxie family resemblance between these two boys!


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