Project Gavin Update

Gavin now has a new hairline, new eyebrows and his re-root started, I am using katsilk saran in Honey Brown with Blondilicious highlights.--He is not going to have a mohawk, once all the hair is in I want to style it a sort of spikey faux hawk like this cute guy.  I am going to use flocking on the sideburns and back of the head. I have used this technique before on my "Crissy boys" and it turned out really well, I have also seen this technique used on Bratz and Moxie boyz-it also means less re-rooting-which is always a good thing!


  1. Question: I too have gone a little crazy on this guy, but I've never done a reroot or anything like that before. Do the Moxie Teenz wigs fit him if he's dehaired? Where did you get the different color eyes you use and what size did you use?
    Sorry to ask a zillion questions.
    Great blog!

  2. Hi Cynthia!

    He takes a flat 14mm oval eye--I got the eyes on Ebay- there were many colors available. He will fit a girl Moxie Teen wig. He also fits Liv wigs-if you cut a slit or two in the wig cap-I believe that makes him about a wig size 6/7.
    Ask anything you like I love helping out when I can!


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