One that Got Away and Some on Their Way

I was thinking lately about some dolls I wish I had bought and now are no longer availiable or too crazy expensive. At the top of the list, Tonner's first Ellowyne titled "Her Reluctant Debut".  I first saw as a drawing in Haute Doll magazine before her debut. Wish I had bought her, I remember repeatedly visiting her on the FAO Schwarz website and letting her price stop me everytime--now if one is to be found at all she is 5 times more. She is exquisite, and I would have gotten the Melancholy Melody outfit as well!
But on to Happier topics, I am a big fan of Amazon and one item that has been in my Amazon shopping cart for alomst two years now is Dal Melize, this week I was browsing the website and when I went to my cart there she was; my cart mascot and next to her "Only 1 Left" I hit the panic button--and now she is on her way to me along with a couple of teeny too cute to pass up Angel Dals.


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