Dreams of Furga

I LOVE Furga dolls! Furga was an Italian company that made a lot of dolls in the 60's and 70's and they were always my favorites in the big Wishbook catalogs at the time-they just have such sweet faces! If you have seen a Furga first hand you know that the eyelashes can get a bit outrageous though it's part of their charm. My obsession is with the Alta Moda S girls--but they are so far out of reach at the moment. I do have Simona and I think I might sew up an outfit for her today. These angels are two late 60's-early 70's girls. I looked through old Wishbooks online for to pin down their names --Rita and Carlotta. They were originally wearing fantastically horrible granny dresses and bonnets, never a look I loved,  but I love their faces (that is my only collecting criteria afterall), the brunette really needs a reroot as her hair falls out in chunks every time I brush it... she's on the list...
I currently have 5 Furga dolls in my collection, Rita (the brunette here), Carlotta (pretty sure she is Carlotta, she is the blonde here) Alta Moda Simona,  a Lisa Jean and an odd large toddler doll.


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