Mini Makeover: Egee Pupetrina


 Pupetrina is a 22" puppet doll made in 1963 by Egee. She has a opening in her back that you can put your hand to control her arms.

Puppetrina has a vinyl head and arms, a soft body and hard plastic legs and partial torso. Her soft body is filled with a single roll of foam and the whole contraption is held together by a candy-striped onsie that snaps at the crotch.

 She was in pretty good shape, just surface dirt and crazy hair.
I gave her a cleaning up with a magic eraser on her vinyl and plastic parts and soaked the lower part of her onsie in water and oxyclean--it was the only soiled part, luckily the rest of her soft body was very clean and in great shape without rips or stains.

 I was worried about the hair--it is the very thin strand, dry hair and it was matted and tangled. I washed her hair with warm water and Pantene conditioner and carefully combed it out and set it on small perm rods. When it was dry I brushed out the ringlets with a natural bristle brush and it just turned into a cloud of honey loveliness :)

For her new outfit I wanted something to kinda disguise the fact that she has no shoulders to speak of, so I made a dress using Simplicity Crafts 9066 for 18" dolls (view B). It has a big "collar" I thought would help balance her drooping shoulders. I modified the pattern by shortening the sleeves (Puppetrina has bent arms and the long sleeve patterns for straight arm dolls usually makes big folds of fabric along the arms-which I do not like,so I needed to keep the sleeve above her elbow) I also used bias tape to finish the neckline as I don't like leaving a raw edge at the neck as the pattern instructs.
I found some shoes and tights that were perfect for her in my dolly odds and ends stash.

I love her! She is now part of the permanent collection.

I made her a quick hand puppet--just seemed right :)

Puppet Show!

I have been to quite a few Estate/Yard sale lately that have had a lot of dolls (!!!!!) theses are some of the lovelies that I have been lucky to find--who are currently awaiting their turn for a mini-makeover. Among them are Bonomi Kitty (she is in the worse shape--but I am dying over how gorgeous she is!!!), Belly Button Me So Silly, Ideal Corrine, a couple Horseman girls and a 50's ballerina with a missing foot....

Disney Animators Merida Before and After Mini Make Over

Couldn't resist this little Merida on Ebay (the before photo is her Ebay pix). She is not really an "Animator" doll. She is the Disney Toddler doll issue--skinnier than the Animator version. I had no idea when I bought her that the Merida's with this face, like the Rapunzel/Tangled doll, were also issued this way. I still think she is super sweet--skinny legs and all. She was in excellent shape except her hair--fuzzy... frizzy, so I gave her a trim and a boil perm. She does not quite fit the outfits I made for the Animators but this dress matched her painted on tights and shoes.


My New Sewing/Doll Room

I packed up my doll/sewing at the end of September. It is now February and I finally have a new room to unpack it all into! I'm excited to sew! I am excited to look at my dolls and fabric--all the pretty fabric! I am excited to make more patterns! It may take me awhile to get everything put away and organized--(darn- adult- life- mortgage- paying- job), but it is a nice big space much bigger and brighter than any sewing space I have had before I may even call it my "studio", I like the sound of that :)

Making PDF Doll Clothes Patterns: Bumps, Snags and Joy

So I have been converting my original patterns to PDF. This is hard work!
So far I have two completed patterns. This is what I had to do get there:

Disney Animator Dolls Patterns

I have decided to try my hand at making PDF patterns.
I have been making patterns for my dolls for about 10 years now--but not PDF's.

It has been fun and a bit frustrating--especially converting my hand drawn patterns to PDF files.

Doll Make Over: Disney Animator's Mulan Update

I finally finished my Disney Animator Collection Mulan doll's re-root.
Why did I re-root a brand new doll? Read here.
It really took forever, not the actual re-rooting, but finding time to do it.
The complete reroot took about 4/5 hours of actually re-rooting.