Saturday, April 23, 2016

Mini Makeover: Egee Pupetrina

Meet Puppetrina. 

Pupetrina is a 22" puppet doll made in 1963 by Egee. She has a opening in her back that you can put your hand to control her arms. Puppetrina has a vinyl head and arms, a soft body and hard plastic legs and partial torso. Her soft body is filled with a single roll of foam and the whole contraption is held together by a candy-striped onsie that snaps at the crotch.

 She was in pretty good shape, just surface dirt and crazy hair.
I gave her a cleaning up with a magic eraser on her vinyl and plastic parts and soaked the lower part of her onsie in water and oxyclean--it was the only soiled part, luckily the rest of her soft body was very clean and in great shape without rips or stains.

 I was worried about the hair--it is the very thin strand, dry hair and it was matted and tangled. I washed her hair with warm water and Pantene conditioner and carefully combed it out and set it on small perm rods. When it was dry I brushed out the ringlets with a natural bristle brush and it just turned into a cloud of honey loveliness :)

For her new outfit I wanted something to kinda disguise the fact that she has no shoulders to speak of, so I made a dress using Simplicity Crafts 9066 for 18" dolls (view B). It has a big "collar" I thought would help balance her drooping shoulders. I modified the pattern by shortening the sleeves (Puppetrina has bent arms and the long sleeve patterns for straight arm dolls usually makes big folds of fabric along the arms-which I do not like,so I needed to keep the sleeve above her elbow) I also used bias tape to finish the neckline as I don't like leaving a raw edge at the neck as the pattern instructs.

I found some shoes and tights that were perfect for her in my dolly odds and ends stash.

I love her! She is now part of the permanent collection.

I made her a quick hand puppet--just seemed right :)

Puppet Show!

I have been to quite a few Estate/Yard sale lately that have had a lot of dolls (!!!!!) theses are some of the lovelies that I have been lucky to find--who are currently awaiting their turn for a mini-makeover. Among them are Bonomi Kitty (she is in the worse shape--but I am dying over how gorgeous she is!!!), Belly Button Me So Silly, Ideal Corrine, a couple Horseman girls and a 50's ballerina with a missing foot....

Saturday, February 6, 2016

My New Sewing/Doll Room

I packed up my doll/sewing at the end of September. It is now February and I finally have a new room to unpack it all into! I'm excited to sew! I am excited to look at my dolls and fabric--all the pretty fabric! I am excited to make more patterns! It may take me awhile to get everything put away and organized--(darn- adult- life- mortgage- paying- job), but it is a nice big space much bigger and brighter than any sewing space I have had before I may even call it my "studio", I like the sound of that :)