Monday, August 24, 2015

Disney Animators Merida Before and After Mini Make Over

Couldn't resist this little Merida on Ebay (the before photo is her Ebay pix). She is not really an "Animator" doll. She is the Disney Toddler doll issue--skinnier than the Animator version. I had no idea when I bought her that the Merida's with this face, like the Rapunzel/Tangled doll, were also issued this way. I still think she is super sweet--skinny legs and all. She was in excellent shape except her hair--fuzzy... frizzy, so I gave her a trim and a boil perm. She does not quite fit the outfits I made for the Animators but this dress matched her painted on tights and shoes.


Sunday, August 23, 2015

Disney Animator Dolls Patterns

I have decided to try my hand at making PDF patterns.
I have been making patterns for my dolls for about 10 years now--but not PDF's.

It has been fun and a bit frustrating--especially converting my hand drawn patterns to PDF files.

With a background in teaching I think I do a decent job of walking through the steps. The things that always frustrates me about sewing from patterns is that there always seems to be some key (to me) step left out and I tried hard to cover all those little things with lots of photos to supplement the written instructions as well as providing clear steps for finishing the garments to last--no raw edges!!

I have many patterns I am converting (many of my originals you have seen here on my blog on the DAC girls and other dolls) and I hope to offer them soon on a popular doll pattern website-They have my first file for review--so fingers crossed :)
Here's a sneak peek of the first 2 patterns.

Calling this one the Layer Cake Dress --I like a theme--so thinking of naming all these after sweet treats.

 This one (two-in-one actually) tentatively named, the Snow Cone Romper, is in work now: