Sunday, June 15, 2014

Musings: April May and June Definitely

Hi! I know I have been gone a while and this has derailed my doll a month resolution.
I lost my sister in April and in April and May grieved and cried rivers and oceans and hurt and yearned to have her back.
In May I also spent way to many hours fighting a ridiculous decision by my University that could have delayed my finishing my degree by a year or more. I won that one.
 In June I still grieve for my sister and will always the rest of my life I am sure, but the creative impulse is slowly returning and I will be back with more posts this summer and at least once a month, I am paroling myself from the doll a month promise, things like this should not be guilt inducing deadlines-but joy and fun and so maybe I will try again next year. For now back to sharing all the little pleasure and accomplishments.
My sister as a young girl in the late 1970's. That smile.