Thursday, January 9, 2014

Musings: Doll a Month

Well Happy New Year! Things have been a little frenetic here in my Dolly World as I am trying to wrap up and prioritize my projects as I start back to work after a three week break --and back to college after a two month break--this means not much Dolly time for me for the next half a year but I have sill-illy made a resolution to customize one doll a month --ALL YEAR! But, I have front loaded this resolution with some great ideas and great dolls that need make overs.

I have already started January's doll, Her name is Swanhilda, she is an Ideal Velvet, I repainted her and re-rooted her and also gave her a few dread locks--she still needs an outfit which I will find a way to finish before the end of January.
When she is done I plan to do a feature post on her and how she was customized.

The next dollies in the resolution line-up are the Furga Alta Moda dolls I got just before Christmas.
 Sylvie was in pretty great shape, I made her a dress using a vintage Simplicity Crissy pattern--they wear the same size in dresses (Crissy is a bit taller so pants need to be shortened.) Her hair is a bit fuzzy so someday I may reroot her. I did replace her eyelashes.
 These gorgeous gals have their original lashes--still debating keeping them or replacing them--I'm not a huge fan of the floss but they are iconic to these dolls, so gotta think about it. The Simona on the right is #3 on the resolution list, or March's girl. She is getting a reroot--always wanted a Simona with bad hair to reroot--this is her. Lefty here is a pretty much a perfect HTF Ash blonde version of Simona-she completes my Simona collection within a collection of S Girls.

This is Susanna!! I have wanted her for SO LONG!! She is #2 on the reso-listion, February's girl.
I already removed her eyes-(dunk head in VERY hot water and pry out with orangewood stick)-which were etched beyond repair--probably by someone cleaning them with a caustic chemical cleaner, her floss lashes had to come out as well of course. I ordered her some eyes already 20mm half round--hoping those work. She arrived with a pretty wig, but bald underneath and I do plan on rerooting her--in Saran as it only seems right to use saran on her. She's had a lip repaint--but I am kinda liking it...

SO I have a lot of projects, but I have given myself a lot of time to do them, one a month is not bad is it? I hope I am not later scrambling to catch up.


  1. It sounds like you've made a great start. I like Velvet's new hair colour and look forward to seeing her outift. If you get really busy, maybe you can count Sylvie as one month's doll as you made her dress and replaced her eyelashes.

  2. I'm looking forward to see the reroot on Susanna, and her new eyes. And the outfit for Swanhilda of course :-). Her hair already looks great!

  3. What a great way to start off the new year. I think you can do a doll a month and not feel overwhelmed, as a matter of fact I KNOW you can.