Sunday, April 21, 2013

DIY Mohair Doll Wig

 I made a Mohair wig for Cinnamon! I am really happy with how it turned out--she looks so sweet and the scale of this mohair is very appropriate for her size it looks more realistic than her original hair. I read and looked at many techniques for Mohair wigs, my version is a little from here a little from there. There are lots of tutorials and different ideas, for example: the wefts can be sewn instead of glued, there are tons of things to make wig caps out of and techniques can vary by doll size and the type of mohair.
This is my second Mohair wig using loose mohair--and this is how I did it.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Steampunk'd Crissy

Raven and Max  just got off a steam powered jet plane.
 I have been an admirer of Steampunk for ages-but never successfully attempted to make an outfit for my dolls--I did try one time--on a Monster High Frankie but it did not succeed--I think now that Frankie is just too small for me to sew anything for--I totally admire those of you who can sew for her or other tiny dolls like Blythe, Barbie or mini BJD's--bless your nimble fingers and eagle eyes :)

The goggles are made of  necklace parts and felt.
Steampunk--for anyone who never heard of it-- is basically Steam Era style clothing with a twist--it includes high tech gadgets made from components available in the steam era. Think of H.G. Well's The Time Machine--that about sums it up. Anyway the only thing that takes my outfit from Victorian to Steampunk is the goggles, because one might ask-- "Why is this Victorian girl wearing aviator goggles?" and "What is and Airplane?"

Might try this skirt again in a floral .
Simona wears it well.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Raven gets a Haircut

This is an old photo of Raven, she is an Ideal Kerry doll which I rerooted," re-eyed" and repainted many years ago. She needed a change--and that change--same as I do every few years--Bangs!!

I forget where I originally read this tip--Haute Doll Magazine maybe(?) but if you place a strip of tape across where you want the bangs to end and cut just underneath along the edge of the tape--(I also heard you can cut on the top edge of the tape, but cutting on the bottom edge has always worked for me)--if you are not good with straight lines get a second opinion--I did :)

Keep cutting-be brave!

All done--but needs a steaming --this is Saran hair so it can take a bit of heat--you should test a sample of whatever hair your doll has--heat can ruin doll hair so fast--I know first hand.
To steam the hair I wrap her carefully in a towel, make sure the bangs are positioned how you want them, I took the tape off--afraid that if I did not the adhesive would stay in her hair--not sure if it will  or won't never wanted to try. I wet the towel and held my iron, on the highest setting with steam, about an inch away for several minutes. Wait until towel is cool to the touch and carefully remove--so as not to mess up bangs.

Sweet! We like it!